Remission anniversary?

Hi. I was just wondering when you classed as going into remission? I had surgery chemo then radiotherapy. Would I class my first day of remission the day after my last radio? I didn’t have a MRI until a year after surgery which was 6 months after I finished active treatment?  

Hi LMC88,

Sorry to see no one has replied to this thread yet. Whilst you wait for someone to continue the conversation, you may find it useful to ask one of our clinical nurse specialists. You can reach them either by posting on the Ask Our Nurses board or by calling them on 0808 800 6000

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I was told by my breast surgeon straight after surgery (so my husband tells me) that I was now cancer-free. There was a delay starting chemotherapy but my adjuvant oncology nurse reiterated at my first post-chemo check that I was NED (No Evidence of Disease) ie cancer free. It doesn’t help that we then are subjected to the months of chemo-misery and the weeks of radiotherapy In finding a date to celebrate. I didn’t feel I wanted the Ring The Bell because I had 5 x 6-monthly zoledronate infusions to come so my treatment wasn’t finished.

I tend to focus on the “cancer-free” words. No one has ever mentioned remission to me as far as I’m aware. 

In 7 days time, I have my 2nd anniversary of spotting my symptom. It could have been easily missed (2 tiny harmless-looking freckles on my nipple) so it was a life-saver and I feel inclined to mark that as my anniversary point, rather that a month later which might well remind me of open wounds and drains! I know I’m celebrating my entry into the world of cancer but I’m celebrating my courage as much as their success in removing the danger.

This may not help you but it’s set me thinking so thanks for that! X

Hi LMC88 - I am wondering if you are asking from a legal point of view? Has your travel or some other sort of insurance company asked you? If that is the case, I think it would be best to speak to them to ask them what their definition of “remission” is so that you don’t get it wrong and find they don’t pay out or whatever. You could also ask your consultant or GP as I’m sure they must have had the same question many times.

If it’s on a personal note, I think everyone interprets it differently.

Best wishes, Evie xx