Removal of dressings

It’s been 4 weeks and 2 days (not that I’m counting!) since breast recon with Diep flap. In general how long do yu have to keep the dressings on?

You’re probably sorted now Poppy-girl, but I went for my 2 week post op check with the consultant (dmx/lymph nodes and DIEP reconstruction). Was shocked and went into coward mode when she said she was going to remove the dressings! Even after only 2weeks the healing is going well and it didn’t hurt when she removed the tape and I was dreading that. It stung a little bit when she removed the stitches from my tummy button. 


I’ve got a lower tummy that looks and behaves a bit like a water bed. That may need to be drained next time. I did notice after the take was removed, that it must have been giving me additional support, but everything seems OK so far.