removal of hickman line

Hi all

I had my last chemo yesterday - hurrahhhhhh!!!

I’m having my hickman line removed next Tuesday - yeahhh. Does it hurt? Do you have a local anathestic or do they just pull it out?



I had a groshong line which I think is similar. It was removed under local anaesthetic although the nurse did try it gently to see if it would pull out first. It didn’t hurt but as it was a local I was of course aware of what was going on!
Good luck


Thankyou Jude for asking this questio n and thank you Anne for your answer I have a groshong line and although it will be nest year that I will need mine taking out I have been dreading it, now I am not

thanks again


My hickmann line was removed recently (because it was infected which was all a bit unpleasant). It is a walk in the park compared to getting it in. Local anaesthetic then a small cut and a tug. You feel nothing other than the tug. Look the other way and it is fine. There is the a couple of stitches to be removed in 7 days time.

All the best.