Removal of Ovaries

Hi all,

Haven’t been on for a while but feel I need to ask for advice regarding ovarie removal. I was on Tamoxifen for 3 years then was changed onto Arimidex and during the past 4 years I haven’t had a sign of a period then all of a sudden last Sunday I came on you can imagine my shock and horror it was extremely painful and I consulted the BCC phone line who advised I call my team at the hospital this I did and had an appointment yestderday where they have decided that I am not through the menopause as previously thought but now need Zoldex implants which they gave me my first shot yesterday. It stopped the period almost instantly so is working and doing what its supposed to do but I took the info sheet home with me and read about the side effects again its the same old same old joint pain, migraine/headache, hot flushes and the worst one for me is weight gain! All the other side effects I can put up with but the weight gain is seriously affecting my quality of life I’ve never been a large person always slim until all of this happened to me and I’ve gone from a size 8 to an 18 practically overnight I’ve put on 5 stone and can’t see the light at the end of this particular tunnel. Weight gain might not sound so bad to some but to me its chronic, I can’t move how I used to I fall over a lot and hurt myself, I get out of breath and puff and pant just going up a slight incline, I even struggle to put my clothes on and get heart palputations all of this is definately due to the weight gain, the emotional side is making me very depressed its how others perceive me people avoid me because its such a shock and in tern I am housebound dont’ want to see anyone or go anywhere for fear of the shocked look on there faces I hate having to explain why I am like this even when I do explain that its the drugs people don’t want to believe it and think I am just eating my way to this size,I am feeling like what is the point in carrying on feeling this miserable and depressed and am considering giving up on all the treatments and letting nature take its course, I know this sounds desperate but I am in a desperate state what do I do? I am considering asking for my ovarys to be taken out but what are the side effects of this? is this the way forward. I am Her2+ ER+ 4/8 and have been living with secondary breast cancer for the past 4 years. Any advice would be most appreciated. 

Hi sarahlouise,


Are tney going to offer you a hysterectomy then, if so id say have it.  I had one 5 years ago plus ovaries removed. and have never regretted it.  I had fibroids, i left it too long as was bleeding a while and had emergency admission to hospital, they tried everything to stop bleeding, had 5 pints blood and two lots platelets. so finally did a hysterectomy.Healed up quickly, i was very slim and still am. bless you it must ne so hard to go up to a size 18 from a 10. Now ive had breast cancer so pleased i had my womb and ovaries removed as one less placer for anything to reoccur. I did stay on HRT which probably did cause my breast cancer but i was on it from 41 till 67 so that was too long. Id say get rid of those ovaries Sarahlouise. a dear friend of ,mine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when i was with breast, they said it had probably been dormant for ages, so id say get rid, She had massive operation as had spread but prognosis is good.june 

Hi all,


So Im back in this tight spot again I initially posted this back in 2015 and now after a long time on Zoladex Im back in a position of decision… (hate having to make these decisions its so hard) :womansad: Im having a second appointment with my gynae in a months time and have to give my decision. Gynae told me that it wouldn’t be any different having both ovaries removed to having Zoladex other than I wouldn’t have to endure the horrible massive injection. I am pretty much decided that I want them both out especially after my recent smear test where the nurse found a large non-cancerous polyp in my cervix which explains why I’ve been feeling like I had a prolapse the polyp has been pushing everything downward! So reckon they can take polyp out at the same time. Its weird to make a decision about something that you can’t see its inside, will I feel like less of a woman? its bad enough having only one breast and living with secondary breast cancer that is being kept in check with a variety of drugs. I suppose Im asking if anyone else can talk to me about this, like I’ve said I’ve made my mind up to have them removed but would appreciate any advice or views on this. 


Thanks to June for replying to this quite some time ago, I really appreciate it. x