removing hair!

hi all

i seem to remember i was advised to not shave under my arms any more?
i presume its so i dont cut myself and it might get infected.

ive never been a fan of smelly cream remover
does anyone use an electric shaver? i never have any recommendations, could i cut myself with it?

it is just starting to grow back
i will use epilator on my legs but im not going near my pits with that lol

Yes, my understanding is to avoid cuts, which could result in infection, which could result in lymphodema.

My mum (who has also had BC) bought me a ladyshave after my MX, and it works fine. Enough to keep things smooth. Although I admit I may have very carefully used a razor once or twice…

I don’t find those creams work at all for me - my hair is just too strong (usually).

Is waxing allowed ?
I got it done when I got my diagnosis, so I was completely hair free for the op. I hope this was OK
Love to you all

I must confess to still shaving under that arm but being extra careful. I looked into creams but they say not to use on scars. Have never used electric razor but guess i should think about it.

I was told no razors, hair removing creams or waxing under the arm,
only a ladyshave, electric/battery would be suitable. any nicks could cause an infection.
I was also told to only use ‘simple’ deodrant and that it had to be a roll on and not a spray! Oh the joy! never ends!

I just use razors. I never cut myself before BC so cant see why i would now!!! My scar is quite small tho so perhaps a larger more raised scar may make it harder.


my scar isnt where i would be shaving
though some of the under arm is still numb so i suppose you dont feel a cut? i dont know

we are never going to not cut/burn/scratch that arm ever again are we? and like someone else said ive never cut it before unless there was a spot under there lol

i wasnt told anything about deos though ive been using an aluminium free roll on since rads
it is fine though without the antipersperant in it it wont do me for summer!!! and no way am i walking round wet
i never used sprays usually roll on or sticks

I always used a disposable razor before, but surgeon said electric razor only afterwards. It’s not a problem so far, although I have a full head of very short hair, & a fine fuzz of lady hair, there’s nothing under the arms yet. My affected armpit is still quite numb, so not sure yet what I’ll do.

I always used Venus razor blades before this and still do - I have never cut myself shaving under my arms in over 30 years. On my affected side I find there is hardly any hair anyway and I don’t sweat under that arm either. The nurse who used to come to the house to do my Herceptin treatments told me this can sometimes happen on account of having rads. I’ve always found battery shavers and the wet and dry ones pretty useless tbh.

One thing I am constantly dealing with is bikini line hair - I seem to have much more than I ever did before all this!

Hi cherub

Don’t know if I have more bikini line hair or not, it wasn’t something I bothered with before but now I’m going to swim therapy every week I do feel the need to tidy up a bit. Tried with the razor but the regrowth was uncomfortable so a friend has got me cream. It’s still at hers at present, but she says it’s for sensitive skin & has lavender in so hoping it’ll be good.

I’m another one that always uses Venus or similar. They told me to be careful with the affected arm although I don’t remember anything particular about razors. However I am not very careful, and have cut my hand several times, and last week burned it on the oven door. I also get my nails done occasionally, including cuticles which I once read you shouldn’t do. Nothing has ever happened as a result of all this - I suppose one day it might but really you can’t avoid this sort of thing for ever.
I do yoga, which I have a vague theory might help with lymphatic drainage (at least I am hoping it will). I would rather do this than than be over-protective of myself, I need a life!

I was told the same as Sandra4. I use a electric razor on my surgery size and it does the job fine. My underarm hair doesn’t grow strong after all my treatment anyway.

L x

Why is it that I have hair growing on my legs, bikini area and underarm when i don’t have eyebrows or eyelashes?? It’s wrong!! lol xxx

i know!!
i so want my eye brows and lashes back to look a bit better