Removing my implant

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for what you are going through, what I can’t get around my head is that they gave you the implant before you had your radiotherapy treatment, as I was told by my consultant if my breast goes out of shape after my radiotherapy treatment I can have an implant put in but she said not until I have finished my treatment, as I had a lumpectomy , and surely your surgeon would of spoken to you about what could happen etc, also your cancer nurse could of sent you booklets out so you could understand your cancer and what could be done to try and help you to the best they can, I feel so sorry for you and to let it go on for 4 years that’s terrible, you need to demand to see a new consultant and ask questions why this error happened , etc I just don’t get it I’m sorry confused … I’m so glad my surgeon went through everything with me and my full cancer team , did they explain any options to you about your surgery etc  I’m just gobsmacked thinking of you hunni take one step at a time but do write your thoughts down also chat to your DR/ GP about it.’

Hi , I’m sorry you didn’t receive a response to your post , thank you for your supportive comment and words of encouragement - it’s not clear who you are replying to hopefully they will have seen your comment .Best wishes Jill x