Removing one breast due to severe pain after reconstruction

Hi everyone,


I was diagnosed with DCIS 2 years ago and had to go for mastectomy and reconstruction. Unfortunately after reconstruction I have been suffering with severe pain only in the" Nipple and area around it" , not anywhere else. Pain is so severe that I can’t even touch or rub. I was advised :-

 Take a nerve block injection = No Luck

 Strong Pain Killers = Only works partially but I am in the pain most of the times.

 Reconstruction done again = No luck. Still severe pain 


My doctor ( private and NHS ) both are clueless why I have pain only near the nipple. I met my doctor this week and discussed with him to remove only one breast ( which was reconstructed ) to get rid of the pain.  Please can someone answer :-


 Will this get rid of the pain - Any experience 

 Will it impact my quality of life with one breast. How will i cope with it? Shall i go for double mastectomy? 

Do women live happy and comfortable  with one breast ?


I am quite anxious and any advise & recommendation is great appreciated.  Thank You.