Repeat biopsy after conflicting Ultrasound results

After posting in the awaiting results section, a lovely lady Jill1998 suggested asking if any ladies have had repeat biopsies on here before reaching diagnosis. I am 38 and found a lump in my left breast 3 weeks ago. I was sent to the breast clinic for US, mammogram and biopsy. The US discovered 2 solid lumps and swelling in my lymph node under my armpit. I received my results on Thursday and am unsure whether to allow myself to feel positive?
The US result was U4 and my Mammogram was M4. The biopsy was B2. The consultant said they’re pretty sure the lumps are benign from the biopsy result but conflict with the US so they want to repeat the biopsy as they have very suspicious features.
Wondering if anyone else received a benign biopsy then malignant on repeat? My consultant seemed very concerned after the US and introduced me to the breast care nurse. I have been told the repeat biopsy will be done by a consultant radiologist this time and markers put in the lumps so not sure what to take from it? Its as if they didn’t get the result they were expecting from the biopsy.
Dare I be positive after Id prepared myself for a negative outcome? Any advice or shared experience would be great as my mind is working overtime and trying to stay away from google. Many thanks Kay xx

Hi Kay, I had a similar experience to you. I had biopsies on both sides and right side came back as malignant but left side was  clear. However the docs weren’t happy with that so I had to have further biopsies and an MRI. Unfortunately second results came back as breast cancer so I had to have surgery on both sides. At the time I was devastated but I can only thank the radiologist who was not happy and insisted on further investigation. Hopefully yours will come back clear again but it’s a good thing they are being ultra cautious Good luck and try not to worry.cthere is a lot of support on here if you need it 


claire xx

Hi kay,  I had 4 biopsies before diagnosis (apparently  one of the most discussed patients at the mdt !), and I to am thankful that the radiologists ferreted  on about it so much. Good luck hopefully they will be clear and you sound like you have a good thorough  team x

Thanks for the reply Claire. Jill mentioned that she thought you had a similar experience so thank you for the advice. Im sorry to hear that you had to go through the extra biopsies and MRI and that is wasn’t a positive outcome but as you say it is fortunate in the long term that they caught it and you have been able to receive treatment. Thank goodness for your expert radiologist. It was explained that the specialists in different areas have a meeting and my consultant said the radiologist was pretty certain it was BC so feel comforted that its the consultant radiologist who is the best they have has been asigned to do the repeat biopsy on Thursday. My emotions are all over the place as hubby and my friend were celebrating that it was clear and told me not to worry but they didn’t see the look on the original radiographer and my consultants face after the first appointment. (Went on my own expecting a quick scan and no biopsy ?) Ive agreed with them and pretending its great news and stopped talking about it so thankfully can talk on here about my real concerns. Many thanks K xx

Crikey Helly18 4 biopsies well done to your radiologist too! Again Im sorry that you had the runaround and that you ended up bring diagnosed with BC but the long term treatment like Claire could have been delayed if not diagnosed then. Did you have 4 separate core biopsies? I had 2 core biopsies on the solid lumps and fine needle on the lymph node. On the first set of biopsies they took 3 samples from each lump so was surprised they needed another one. Is it possible that the part of the lumps they took are benign and a different area would be malignant? Excuse my ignorance but Ive promised myself no more googling!! Thank you so much for the reply xx

Hi kay, i had 2 stereotactic, a core and then vacum biopsy which was the 4th and showed as dcis with a small foci of invasive  disease so the malignant area on ultrasound was 15mm in total, but turned out to be 30 mm of invasive disease and 4 mm of dcis  so just thankful the radiologist jiggled whichever way they did and got that bit when they did the vacum one. Just shows though!

Just to be more special *snort* i had 2 further stereotactic of another area which were OK but are still generating a lot of discussion.   Reading the above probably  sounds a bit gloomy but I think my point is that my radiologists were concerned even following the first ok result so I would say to anyone go with any further testing they thought necessary.


We all like to feel *special* Helly but I can imagine you could think of better ways for it to be displayed and get the feeling from the talk with the consultant that I may be an awkward customer too ? Im pleased that they have decided to give me the repeat biopsy as I was surprised as they were by the B2 result when I already had a U4 and M4 so do appreciate they haven’t just said come back in 6 months for a check up. Im a practical person by nature and a control freak so Im not afraid of testing or even surgery its just the unknown that Im finding difficult at the moment. I really appreciate you sharing your experience with me and wishing you the best for your treatment plan. Hopefully I’ll have some answers from the next tests. xx

Just an update to say I had my appointment with the consultant radiologist today for my repeat core biopsy and he was lovely. Only needed 3 samples from the one site this timr so thankfully not 2 and a FNA like last time m. He said the team were waiting on my results and he’d been asked to do this one specifically so felt in safe hands. He really hopes the biopsy can prove its a benign fibroadenoma but still has sinister appearance so impossible to call without the biopsy result so couldn’t say for definite. They’ll ring me with an appointment to discuss findings and next step either way ill speak to my consultant for results so not to panic if i get called in. He placed a metal marker at the site of the biopsy and was mammogramed again afterwards. Just got to wait again now for result. I am pleased to say after seeing him today I feel a lot better than I did anxiety wise - almost calm, although I am typing this at 3.45am so still clearly at the front of my mind but at least my heart has stopped racing for now xx

Glad you feel a little bit better Kay,try and have a rest from the anxiety for a few days,nothing else you can do now.

Well today is the day of the MDT meeting to discuss my results. It’s been a long 4 weeks with scans and lots of biopsies so really hoping they make a clear decision either way. The Breast Care nurse said that I should get my appointment for Thursday to discuss the results. Had 2 weeks off work for the Easter holidays so back tomorrow although with this on my mind, feel like I’ve ran a marathon rather than had a rest. This experience so far has made me question my own personality so much as I’m usually laid back and very patient. Im the kind not phased by anything with lots of get up and go and a natural motivator. I’ve done a complete U-turn and been anxious and seriously lacked motivation to do anything! Im annoyed at my response although all inward emotions as outwardly, Im putting on my usual calm, positive front to those close who know about it. I feel guilty at how badly I feel like I’ve handled this without even a firm diagnosis yet, I’m only at the start so how will I handle a negative result on Thursday? I’m terrified to go back to work as I teach teenagers and not on top form to say the least! They can smell fear a mile off and worried I may crumble this week. We’re also expecting ofsted at any moment so the place is in hysteria to start with. My classes take a lot of controlling and motivating but worried I can’t do it when I lack both myself. Crikey, I need to give myself a shake! Sorry for the long post, just feel better being able to express my true feelings here. Kay xx

Kay, i really can relate  to where you are at the moment ( as you have read been there, done it, got the tshirt lol) as i am normally a very together, focused, motivated  person.  You have been thtough a prolonged period of more questions than answers to what  i have found to be the most terrifying experience of my life.  i agree with jo you are being incredibly hard on yourself but in fairness I think we are all guilty of this at times. 

I to have a challenging job and whilst work was hard whilst waiting it did occupy my brain space and on reflection it was the right thing for me. Hopefully  you will have answers one way  or another  on Thursday. If they are not what you hoped for (and I truly hope they are) then it does get more manageable as at least you know what the plan will be and that is easier  than the constant thinking about the unknown. 

Sending a big cyber hug x


Thank you Jo you are completely right about the feeling that you can’t function properly while waiting. Thanks so much for the reply, its just nice talking to people who understand as I can’t really talk about it at home. My hubby and best friend keep saying “you’ll be fine and it’s pointless talking about what if its not cos it will be” and “think positive” so it makes me feel guilty not being positive as if it will change my fate for feeling negative! I know they’re trying to reassure me and Im lucky to have support. Hopefully get a phone call today with an appointment as at the moment I still don’t have one so even that is driving me crazy ? xx

Thanks for the cyber hug Helly, I really needed that. You certainly went through the mill getting your diagnosis and I do agree that if I can at least get some answers this week, I can get my head into gear and start to focus either way. I like to be proactive rather than reactive but this is completely out of my hands which I think has been the difficult part. There’s nothing I can do to speed anything up or take it on myself so have to be the reluctant passenger rather than the driver. Hopefully be able to update either way by Thursday (as long as I get me appointment by then) I think once Im back to work tomorrow my brain space as you say wil be fully occupied and won’t be alone in my thoughts. Thanks for the support when you’re fighting your own battles , Id really be stuck without it. Big hugs right back at ya xx

Thanks Claire, you are right there’ll be no time to worry as you’ll know once Im back in front of the class even getting time to pee is a luxury. Thursday will be here before I know it. Ive worked a 4 day week on a fractional post since having my youngest son so I’ve just done the school run and got the laptop out to look over my session plans (ok start my session plans for this week ?) If I get a walk through observation this week I’m probably screwed! I have loads of marking to do and should have done it last week when I was off but just couldn’t face it. I think that has also led to my mini melt down at 5am this morning so once I get started will keep my mind on things other than what ifs. Like you, Im a control freak and at work I’m organised and professional so finding this lack of motivation has been very alien to me. I had my results appointment (which led to the second round of biopsies) on the 24th March so left half day without even tidying my desk and the files I brought home haven’t even made it out of my car boot! If I get my appointment time for Thursday will have to ask my head of department to arrange cover for my class or classes on Thursday which is like a mortal sin and I know she’ll make a big drama out of it. She knows the situation but thinks out loud by saying “urgh we’ve already got one on maternity leave” which doesn’t help my guilty conscience. Hopefully get a phone call this afternoon and tell her in time to get cover or big shock - She’ll just have to cover!! Thanks again for the reply and understanding. Will keep you updated xx

Hi ladies. Just thought Id update you after my appointment today. Biopsy came back as a rating of 3 so still classed as benign for the second time. (Last one was classed as 2 so right in the middle of the 1-5 rating) They said it could be a 3cm fibroadenoma but not 100% sure as it is different to the features of a fibroadenoma and still concerned even after the benign result so taking it out to be on the safe side then can test it fully when its out. Booked me in for surgery on 4th may and already had my pre op assessment today so its a definite. Pleased its coming out and that I have a date for surgery to move forward. They said once it’s out, will be able to give me more information as on this occasion, a diagnosis can’t be fully given until they remove it. Was really hoping they could have told me what it was today but am pleased the surgery is only 3 weeks away so guess I have to be patient for a little while longer xx

Thanks Jo. I’ve only told hubby, a close friend and my boss so far so its been lovely to talk on here about it and thankful for the advice. I am pleased they’re removing it. I can imagine you will have been too as they may not have found the cancer if they hadn’t although I am sorry that you didn’t receive an all clear after removal. They said I should be in and out within a day and recovery should be quick. Do they make a 3cm incision if its a 3cm lump? Didn’t think to ask how big it would be? I also have 1 small lump further under my breast and one in my lymph node but they said they weren’t concerned about them as yet and won’t be removing them just the larger one based on appearance xx

Ah that’s good to know you felt fine by 2pm Jo. The consultant did say my lump was quite big but still shouldn’t leave too much of a scar. I only noticed it 5 weeks ago although Ive lost almost 2 stone since September and went from a DD cup to B cup so could have been there a lot longer but couldn’t tell. Thank you for the info and hopefully I’ll be able to get out in the afternoon too. Kay xx

Hi Kay, i was wondering how you got on, blimey its never straight forward is it. Good news that your team are being thorough and  it’s  coming out, and that your not having to wait to long for the surgery. I had mammoplasty alongside my excision but i was surprised at how little scarring there was the surgeon  was very neat ?. Let us know how you get on x

That’s great that you were happy with the result Helly. I’ve heard that they are very clever. Couldn’t have asked for better from the team. I know the wait has been awful but also necessary.

The breast care nurse said I’ll get a letter and information leaflet through the post. They did say Im definitely booked in for 4th May but they’ll confirm the time in the letter. Told my boss today and told her I will probably need the Thurs and Friday off after the surgery (as advised by the nurse) and she couldn’t wait to tell me that she had a lump removed from her armpit and was at work the next day. Oh and that was 26 years ago so with the advancements in surgery, mine should be simple and would no doubt be right as rain by the evening (but obviously to take as much time off as I need) No pressure then eh? ? Just wondering how long you took off work? I get my op on the Wed and plan to go back the following Monday. I’m a teacher so I know term time leave is a big no but thought 2 days after op would be reasonable. Unless Im overating the surgery? xx