Replacement prosthesis on the NHS

Hi everyone,

I have been commenting on the thread about adhesive breast prostheses. I wanted to ask people a question about replacement prostheses on the NHS. When discussing the arrangements for replacement of my prosthesis with the prosthetics officer at my local NHS Trust she said that as and when mine is replaced I will have to hand in the old one.

I was thinking that if mine needed replacing it would still be handy to have the old one as a spare (even if it were a bit mis-shapen/damaged). After all, it’s hardly going to be used for someone else.

Has anyone else been able to keep their ‘old’ prosthesis having been issued with the new one by the NHS?

I had my 1st prosthesis in Nov 2009 and had a new one in September this year. I did not have to give my old one back. I have not gone for a stick-on one as mastectomy has left me with a very weak shoulder muscle (scared about the weight) and I have a eczema and worried it would irritate it.

Can’t see why you should given your old one back

“Oh dear, I seem to have lost it”

although, whatever will my poor grandson think when he eventually comes to clear my house and finds a collection of old boobies?? maybe it’s best to give them back! I am still finding more and yet more glasses to take to Dolland & Achison, who recycle them to Africa, but nobody seems to want mum’s old teeth…

I had a bilateral mastectomy in July 2008 and later that year was supplied with two prothesis. I used them for about 12 months, then began looking at ‘stick ons’. As they were so expensive to buy, I thought I would speak to my Breast Care Nurse about which were the best and how much maintenance was involved. She made an appointment for me to go and see both kinds, the Amoena Contact and Anita Vaio. I thought the Anita one was best for me and two were ordered for me. I was originally advised I would have to pay for them, but only £72.00 each not the £135.00 each they are advertised at. However, when they arrived and I went in to collect them I was told that they were a resize and refit so there was no charge! There was no mention of returning the original ones.
I know I am very lucky with my Breast Care Centre.

Im looking into the stick on type too.Helps that learn forward all falls forward :(.I will go see b.c team after xmas as mine is 2 years old now.But would be good to hear how others find them. :slight_smile:

Puffywhiteclouds - the BCN asked me to hand over my old prosthesis when I was fitted with a new stick-on one.

Her excuse was that I might go back to the old one without giving the new one a fair trial.

I refused on the grounds that as a responsible 50-something adult surely I could be trusted not to do that.

Besides, in a weird sort of way handing over that ‘breast’ would have felt like having a mastectomy all over again!

jane333 - I have had the Amoena stick-on one dor 6 months. It is a bit heavy (unfortunately the shape I wanted doesn’t come in a lighter form, though others do).

It takes a lot of maintenance (you have to wash and scrub it after every use) so if I’m away from home I just put the cover provided over the sticky part and wear it like one of the old type.

Good thing is you can throw away your old pocketed bras and wear normal ones again (so long as they are supportive enough).

Hi Puffy - we have been corresponding on the originl thread.

For the record, there was no mention of handing back my old form. What on earth would they use them for? 101 uses of a dead boobie…answers on a postcard…!!

(Surely they wouldn’t re-use them as they’re always going on about infection control if I try to take back unused and unopened medicines etc.)

I gained my new contact after 3 years with my old non-contact form, adn believe I was entitled to a new one as I’ve put on weight. (Good ol’ tx!)

I’m planning to use my old one still as it fits some of the bras I have whereas the new one won’t.