Was diagnosed in March with bc and receiving treatment privately as my husband has Bupa cover from work so we thought I may as well make use of it.

Don’t get me wrong the treatment is going really well but when I go for consultations with my Oncologist I don’t feel as if I’ve been told as much as I would like to be told. I ask the questions but she just seems to push them aside. I have to ask about test reults which I would have thought she would be forth coming about as surely that is one of the reasons for the appointments. Last time I went she had forgotten I’d had an ultra sound scan and a marker put in. When I asked for the result her secretary hadn’t put the results in my file so I had to tell her by how much my tumour had shrunk. I have never had any path lab results, have no idea what sort of tumour it is even though I have asked and never receive any copies of letters sent to my GP.

Everyone else on here seems to know so much more than I do about their condition. What should I do? My next onc appt is Thursday and I know I’ll be in and out in max of 10 mins not knowing any more than I did before.



You are entitled to see any of your notes and the path reports whether you are private or nhs.


Could you phone your consultants secretary before Thursday and say you want copies of the relevant notes ready for you to have at the appointment? All it should involve is someone printing it out for you, not difficult.