rescue remedy

hi all can any one tell me which rescue rememedy u all use and which is the best 1 thanks really need something for my nerves etc…i going 4 my results today xx

Hi there,
It’s awful, I know, when you’re waiting for results. Hope all goes well for you today.
I’ve used Dr Bachs rescue remedy for years and years, I used tI have a job which from time to time needed me to give evidence in really stressful cases and I used it before each sessioin. You put a few drops under your Tongue or in a small glass of water. It’s available in almost all High ST chemists.

Let us know how it goes, lots of people here to help you through whatever the results.
Nonsuch x

thank you will get some today b4 i go my results are 1.30 so when do u reckon i should take them xx

do u take it just the once a day sorry bout all the questions xx

Put a few sprays on your tongue as you arrive at hospital that should work. I used to get kids to take it just before exams and it worked a treat

Good Luck for today

good luck for today xxxxxx

Hope it all goes okay for you. I use the Bach’s spray, Boots ofetn do it on 3 for 2, pastilles are good too. I’m sure my new boss thinks I’m an alky because I was spraying it all the time last term!! Stress, stress.

Hi Quinny

I’ve tried rescue remedy (not in the situation your in at present) and to be fair I didn’t find it helped me relax. What I found helpful was herbal teas, cammomile but everyone is different.

Again hope all goes well.

B x