Research shows some older breast cancer patients could safely avoid radiotherapy

This research looks at options available to older women who make decisions concerning radiotherapy cancer treatment

We know sometimes it is difficult to share such information so if you don’t feel comfortable with it, you don’t have to participate. However, knowing your story and how you feel is important to us and might also help other women that are or will be in a situation similar to yours.

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May I please ask what age group this is targeted at?

I am 60 and have been told to expect radiotherapy as the next stage of treatment.

I would be happy to participate in any research if I fit the criteria



On the 24th Dec 2014 I was diagnosed with angiosarcoma , directly caused by the radiotherapy treatment I received in 2009 for my breast  cancer , when I was 60 years old  .



I am absolutely appalled that the treatment , meant to help has caused this dreadful new cancer . I was not warned of this , nor told what the symptoms might be , so did not know what to look out for .Neither was I consulted or given any choices . I was just told I was to have this treatment .


I had a radical mastectomy on the 13th Jan 2015 , which I am recovering from at the moment . It is very  agressive , will probably kill me and I am incandescent that  women are not warned of this danger that radiotherapy brings.


Although rare , as more women have wide local excisions plus radiotherapy the instances are growing and I feel that it should recieve more publicty , and women given the facts to make informed choices.

I know how you feel I have just been told I have this and had all my previous treatment in Spain and don’t recall being told this and have never heard of the word. It must be recognised that this is possible especially the symptoms as doctors thought I had bashed myself but my breast went purple yellow red swollen and doctors seemed foxed so I have already had it for over a month…

Hi Jill back at hospital today and
this is the low down!! mastectomy is going ahead . No other cancers detected in body. MRI to breast not conclusive so it’s either 1 not cancer 2 angiosarcoma AS 3 recurrence of first cancer. Dr believes it is AS… Now focussing on op only as will not know anymore until they get it out and stare at it! ?.
v frustrating as no true diagnosis but just have to focus on op for now. Thanks how r u? Patsy x

The amount of time you have it for will depend on the grade of your cancer I believe, minimum is three weeks but some I see at mine are there for 6-7 , mine started about 6 weeks post op once everything had healed up x jo