Research study: Breast cancer or breast cancer symptoms during COVID-19

Research study: Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer or experienced any breast cancer symptoms during the Covid-19 pandemic? Could you help us in this research study?

What is the study?

We are concerned about the drop in the number of people attending their General Practitioner (GP) with potential symptoms of breast cancer during the pandemic and lower referrals to cancer services during this period.  Our research study wants to investigate patient’s experiences of arranging an appointment with a GP or accessing cancer services for a suspected breast cancer during the pandemic.

Who is organising it?

The study is run by Heather Drury-Smith, Sheffield Hallam University

What are the criteria for taking part in?

You can take part if:

  • You are over the age of 18
  • You have experienced any of the following symptoms; breast lump, breast pain, axilla lump, dimpling, change of skin colour over the breast, inverted nipple, nipple discharge, change of breast shape or size or
  • You have been diagnosed with breast cancer before and during the lockdown in March 2020

What do I need to do?

The study would involve a 1-1 interview with the researcher, either by telephone or as a virtual call via a computer, according to your preference. If you would like to hear more or you are interested in taking part in the study please contact Heather Drury-Smith at You can find out more information in the participation sheet attached.

When is the deadline?

This is an ongoing project.