Resignation and hope

Hello everyone,

I wanted to come on here and express a little of what I have been going through.


You can see from my previous posts that I have been trying to understand what had been happening with my breasts. I have thus far received 4 ultrasounds and a breast mri. The thing with health anxiety though is that despite multiple screening there is one side of you that still doubts and wonders.


It has taken me two months to come to terms with whats going on.

I have learned to trust doctors and imaging tests. If something was wrong, it will come up.


I guess it has to do with the fact that my aunt died of cancer that was not diagnosed until 1 year too late.


I got out of a drs appt today and felt relived. There is nothing wrong with me. I need to stop diagnosing myself as I have not gone to medical school nor do I know as much as drs do.


I still have my breast pain but that could be due to a multiple of reasons. I was hit when I was young and it could be that my breast is just deformed. I need to trust the process and if nothing shows up on my imaging, then more than likely, I do not have breast cancer. I repeat, I do not have breast cancer. I will get through this.



Sending love and encouragement to anyone who feels the same.

That took real courage, vanesan7. Well said and good luck x


I have just been reading through your posts as I am feeling as bad with anxiety as you sound to be, I have done so so much research on why I have breast pain and itchy nipples from deep inside, no doctor can give me a definite answer which I think makes us feel even more uneasy but in reality it can be literally anything other than cancer. I am having a hard time also believing that my results are clear and that they have got it right, I’ve had 2 ultrasounds and 2 biopsy’s but am still so worried that’s not enough and I need more testing, it drives me mad wish my brain would switch off You sound like you’re in a better place now which is fantastic xx