Restless legs- any tips?

Hi Guys…

I have been looking through the forum to see if anyone else has this problem? I cannot see it, although I may have missed it, but thought I would see if anyone has any top tips?

I finished chemo in Oct 11 and had a MX Nov 11. I am now on tamoxifen and venlafaxine (given to me to try and stop the frustratingly frequent and annoying hot flushes!!) Now I find that I am unable to sleep and seem to have developed restless legs and I wake each hour from about 2am…

I really need a good nights sleep but night after night I am finding myself wide awake whilst being ridiculously tired…

Apart from this problem I am feeling a lot better and looking forward to getting back to some form of normality… just so so tired :frowning:

Any tips would be much appreciated, I have a ‘chillow’ for the hot flushes which seems to help the flushes at least…

Thanks in advance and hope everyone is well xx

Hello CD,

Try taking multi vitamins it helped me, i have had this problem since menopause, we seem to get rid of one thing then get more.

Take care Pat

I had the restless legs thing when I was on Herceptin, but it seemed to just disappear a few weeks after I finished. It was horrible, I felt as if my legs were all jumpy during the night and I couldn’t do anything about it.

I’ve not suffered restless leg, but a friend did, she was prescribed quinine sulphate by her GP and it worked a treat.

Book an appointment with your GP who should be able to help.

Good luck, you need your kip, get help… and you’ll soon be zzzzzzzzzz.

Libby x

Thank you Pat - I will give them a go, we certainly do get one thing after another!! That is exactly what it is like cherub, I am not on herceptin but it has only happened since I started taking tamoxifen! glad your has stopped now :slight_smile:

I think I am going to go and see GP on Monday, I will ask her about quinine, thanks for that Libby…last night was awful and as a result I am tired and grumpy this morning and just desperate for a whole nights sleep… its been weeks since I last had a goodish nights sleep and being tired just makes everything else so much harder…

Thanks for the advice and have a good weekend xx

Hi knew couple of people with this-they said, tonic water(has quinine in it) helped also plunging both feet into a cold bowl of water helped also-were told something to do with circulation . Hope you find relief thru whatever means!

Ooh that sounds worth a try - thank you :)is natural enough not to do any harm and if it works it will be great xx