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Hi All

Well went to the hospital yesterday and they confirmed that I have stage 2 BC. I took the news very well my mum did not…
They tried to explain the different ops and I am booked in for a lumpectomy on the 25th May yes that is next week…
The nurse I spoke too explained what they would do and my partner recorded the conversations with both the doctor and the nurse so if needed we can go over this again. I am very scared about the op and what if’s. The nurse has said that they will probably want me to have chemo because of my age but she could not say for sure so I’m still in a type of limbo land until after the op and then they will decide on what is the best way to proceed. I have the unfortunate pleasure of telling my 6 year old later I would rather he know now as he is going on holiday (we were both supposed to be going) to Florida with my family (altho I have threatened my mother if she does not go) so I can have time to recover after my op and be a little more like myself when he gets back. I suppose I am looking for advice on the future and possible outcomes of it I know I can rely on you girls to give it to me in a language I can understand and a way that is real.

Anyway that’s an update on me so bye for now you lovely lot



Hi Tracy

Sorry you’ve got the same diagnosis. Can I just check, is it STAGE 2 or GRADE 2? You might want to look over your notes, as they are different but often get confused. GRADE refers to how aggressive it is, from 1 to 3. STAGE refers to how far it’s spread, how big it is, etc etc. Quite often they don’t know enough right at the beginning to talk about STAGE, so I suspect you might be GRADE 2.

For your littlie, you might want to take a look at a book called Mummy’s Lump, which a lot of mums of younger children have found really helpful. And do give the helpline a ring, they’re brilliant.

Hi there

I would echo what choccie said it’s early days yet, treatment may be somewhat more simple, I was recently told that they don’t generally do chemo for stage 2 if when they do your lumpectomy they get a good area of healthy tissue around it and there is nothing found in your lymph nodes, so don’t give up the holiday hope just yet!!! I suggest you wait and see as you are now at a junction with many roads leading off it and it may not be as bad as first thought. have you asked your team about the possibility of you going on your hols??

I too have kids one 7 & one 9 we too have holiday booked to florida, when is yours booked for ? I am currently going through chemo, mine was grade 2 invasive and if there had been nothing in my lymph nodes ( there wss) I would not be having chemo. I still hope I can go when chemo finished and before more surgery, and if all goes to plan we will be going!!!

Just to say I had bc in the other breast 14 years ago I beat it once< I can again…we all can xxx lv J

Hi all

I had a lumpectomy with clear margins, nodes completely clear and will start a course of chemo (6 x fec) tomorrow. It was explained to me that due to my age(45yrs)and size of diseased tissue (26mm) DCIS with 7mm IDC, although caught early…ish… chemo would help zap any rogue cells that may have escaped and go undetected…a sort of toxic cleanse of one’s system for extra backup!. My consultant stated how they are using chemo more and more these days especially with younger folk.
It was my choice to go for chemo, (on the back of an onc appointment being made for me by the breast cancer team) but really there is no choice as I owe it to my 5 yrs old and 1 yrs old to do what I can to be there for them, no matter how rocky the ride…
You’ve just got to do whats right for you based on what they do or do not know about your individual cancer…Good luck & best wishes to you all…Alyson

I agree la p

That was the reason I had chemo 14vyrs ago belt & braces they said but I had 7cm tumur + ext DCIS yet clear nodes then, I was 34 now 48 xxx love to all


Sorry it’s a grade 2 and yes all these terms are confusing to me. My holiday is booked for next week so no chance of me going but my son is going so he won’t have to see me after my op as it would be hard not being able to hug him as much.I read the book to him tonight and he seemed to take it in his stride but time will tell he cried but only because he will miss me he said. The nurse has said that altho she cannot say for defo she thinks chemo will probably be offered because i’m only (altho I think it’s old lol) 37 so they will want to do everything possible to make sure that my life goes on as long at it should but like you all have said it’s early yet and I won’t know until they have the full picture. I’m scared about the op tho


Hiya, sorry you’ve found yourself here, I too was told defo chemo cos of age (36), but my onc didn’t want me to have it as had no nodes affected, clear margins, small tumour (12mm), grade 2, I’m a ‘just’ girl (rads n tamoxifen), so you never know.

Take care x

Hi my lovely lump is 30mm they are removing about 5 cm in total which is quite scary as I have quite big boobies which I always complained about how odd!!! and am a little scared of how they will look afterwards…

They’ll look CANCER-FREE!

You’d be surprised at how much they can take out and it not be really obvious. And depending where your lump is, the scar can be really neat too. My surgeon cut a semi-circular incision around the areola, and a few months on it’s looking really neat and tidy. The scar from the node removal is really neat too, and has faded to almost invisible (but it’s by the edge of my bra and under my arm so not obvious anyhow.

The surgery isn’t pleasant, surgery never is, but it’s not usually too hard to get through. There are several threads with suggestions for what you might need to bring with you, but you can also speak to your BCN, or to the helpline who are really lovely.

Good luck. A long road, but there are plenty of people who have trodden the path before you.

I was booked to go away week after finding out and needed left breast Mastectomy 20 nodes and chemo/radio.But i went on the family holiday so happy i did knowing what long road i had ahead of me.I think you should go enjoy good times. Good luck x

hi hunni…im 37 and have cancer in left breast just had wle and snb yesterday and im feeling fine today, didnt think i was going to but i do. i have a little boy whos 8years old as well and hes been fab helping me and everything, hes still unsure about my hair when it falls out hwne i start chemo in 6 weeks tho. i have only told him the things he needs to know but children are much more resiliant than you know. im not looking forward to the chemo and radiotherapy but im gonna battle through this one way or another. good luck for ur op huni and ur recovery…xx

glad you are feeling fine, I have my wle and snb next friday and beginning to get myself worked up about the procedure. I wont know my treatment plan until about two weeks after op,is it usual to know beforehand?

honestly its ok to feel worked up but try not to be. it was a straight forward op i was in and out the same day. you are unless you have to have a drain in. i was fourtunate i didnt need a drain. but i was home before my little boy finished school. i was made up. im still feeling fine tho. its more like an ache than anything else. i was diagnosed on 18th april and had my op yesterday and still dont know my treatment plan prob wont know till two weeks time when i get results off when they have taken lump out…i hope i get clear margins then i can start my treatment…hope your ok. if you need to chat or ask anything i can answer to the best of my ability personal message me and i will give you my number take care xx

Thank you, all this support makes me want to cry. If we could get well with best wishes alone we would all be laughin!! xx

you have a lot of support on here. i have found it fantastic support and when you read things on here it helps you understand more…you laugh as much as you can i have been it keeps you going…right till the end of treatment…take care xx

I’ll add support to the Mummy’s Lump book.

My wife was diagnosed nearly a year ago, and has now finished her treatment. At the time our eldest was 7, and after the first appointment noticed the hushed tones and whispering. We took the decision to tell the boys before things were confirmed because they were aware something was up.

It did affect our eldest - difficult for it not to really. He seems fine now though!