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Hi Everyone,
I’m so anxious with all the waiting for results etc. I’m now panicking as I had my CT scan last night and then an appointment has come through this morning to see my surgeon again next Friday 9th - I haven’t even had my MRI yet, that’s on the 6th. Is this normal? I’ve been reassured it is as they want to start treatment asap but I’m so scared - it’s going to feel like forever until next Friday :cry: sorry for the rant but I’m home alone today and my mind is racing x


Hi @jayne1210

The waiting is definitely the worst bit. I had to wait for 9 days for my CT results, and it nearly killed me. Thankfully it was OK.

Probably the team will have the MRI and CT results at the same time. Then you will be in possession of all the information and should be told what will happen next. This will settle your mind.

Being on your own at home during this period is hideous. I was glad when my husband was working from home, but always had the worst days when he had to go into the office and I was on my own. Poor guy.

Call the Breast Cancer Now nurses if you need to speak to someone. You can always do this by text if you’d rather. You can get six free counselling sessions with Macmillan too, which really helped me. I’m sad that they have ended now!

I’m sure you have seen us all complaining about waiting times elsewhere on this forum. For instance, I am currently three weeks into a possible seven-to-eight-week wait to see an oncologist to get my Oncotype DX results (having had my mastectomy on 19th December and surgery results on 8th January). This seems cruel when the team will have my score already and know what will be next for me. Then I will have to wait another two to three weeks to start treatment, whatever that may turn out to be.

Try mindfulness and meditation. It really helps you be in the now (mostly!). I use the Calm app. Go for a walk too. Cry if you need to. It helps to let it all out.

Sending love

Karen x

I expect the 9th Feb is the earliest date your surgeon is confident he will have the results of both your scans. Once he has all the information he can then confirm his treatment plan for you. After the 9th you will feel less anxious when you know what is happening. Sending a virtual hug.

I agree that waiting is the worst!! Luckily my surgeon rang a week ahead of oncologist appointment to say oncotype DX result was 14, saved at least one week of hightened tension having already waited 3 weeks. It was great to get some good news in all this process :grinning:

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I have begged for that, but I have been refused. New protocol because a nurse once gave out the (low) results and the oncologist said that the patient needed chemo anyway. So we all have to suffer in this area.

I hope my result is low (below 25 required please), I really do :crossed_fingers:

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@casey4jc definitely :crossed_fingers:for you

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