Results and such

So since my last update I’ve had more biopsies on the right breast and also a PET scan. Just had a phone call from the hospital, they want to do another MRI to focus on the right breast more. PET scan results today at 2pm. I dont know what to do with myself. Im absolutely freaking out that im gonna be riddled and its gonna be everywhere. Ive managed to hold it together reletively well so far and today I’m just falling apart at the seams. I was ok until they called and said I had to have another MRI. So far I’ve had an MRI, 3 ultrasounds, 1 mammogram, a mammogram guided biopsy ×2 on left breast, 2 biopsies on left lymph nodes, 7 biopsies on right breast (this was 6 samples taken in one day and then another one 3 days ago) and now i need to have another MRI. I feel like a bloody colander. Full of holes. Im grateful theyre looking into it all dont get me wrong but im just exhausted. Sorry for the long rant. I just know youll all understand xx

I don´t blame you for ranting, that is an awful lot of poking and prodding and I just hope you have had some good news from your pet scan because the worrying and waiting is just awful for the mind. Sending you lots of love and strength xxx

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Dear Zara

I am sorry you have had so many biopsies. I found the ones I had pretty painful although they did fine needle aspiration in 2003 when I was first diagnosed. I think it was the fear that was worst. I was terrified of having breast cancer at 47. I don’t know how old you are but I thought that was too young. I haven’t got children but it must be very hard to be upbeat with young children. There are no guarantees, but I hope you will recover and I shall be sending positive thoughts in you direction. Good luck


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