Results and treatment plan.

Ive spoken to my oncologist today. She has told me im a stage 3 and that they are aiming to cure me, im so thankful for that! I had 2 ‘suspicious’ areas which are not cancer. I had been told to be prepared for them to be so i had convinced myself that my cancer would be secondary. There is cancer in my other breast too but they said they’re more concerned about the other one. I will be starting chemo within 2 weeks and i know that its still a long and tough road ahead. But ive had better news that i expected 

Amy, have they let you know which type of bc? If you know, others on here will be able to share experiences with you also if you want join the august 2020 Chemo thread and you can share your chemo journey with others :two_women_holding_hands: step by step you will get through :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Big hugs from me too Amy and all the best to you as you go through treatment. We are all here if you need any advice or to chat at any time. Evie xx