Results are in

Hi everyone, got my results today! Its cancer in my left breast, small tumour we discussed a lumpectomy but because of my previous diagnosis of ADH & DCIS in my right breast I have been offered a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction along with axillary surgery to assess the status of the sentinel lymph node, OSNA test. Can’t rule out radiotherapy but that will be confirmed when all the results are available. Plus tamoxifen for 5 years becasue its oestrogen receptor positive.
Not really what I had hoped for! However I am pleased I pushed last year for a referral becasue of the pain I was experiencing so really I wouldn’t be back in the monitoring phase so I suppose its fairly positive.
Haven’t got a date yet but hoepfully early August not loking forward to the op.

Hi Ruby

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It is a scary time when you are told you have cancer, The good news (if you can call it that) is that you can have Tamoxifen, because whatever other treatment you have after surgery, that little tablet is like an insurance policy. I hope you don’t have long to wait for your surgery date. I had MX, but no reconstruction, so can’t really help you there.
Sending you big hugs and good wishes for the waiting period (and beyond of course)
Poemsgalore xxx

Hi Poemsgalore
Thank you so much for your kind words.
I hve already had a mx, immediate reconstruction on my right breast 2004, it was mentioned at one stage that I should be given Tamoxifen can’t remember why it wasn’t given still beter late than never.
Will keep you posted and again thank you. How wonderful to give us all such kindess and inspiration.
Ruby2011 xxxxxx

Hi just thought I’d share some news on my other half who has now been given the all clear even though the cancer in his mouth was in 5 different places. Just need to get me sorted and hopefully we will be back on an even keel.
My very best wishes to everyone on this site.


Hi Ruby,
Good news about your OH. I hope it doesn’t take too long before you too are ‘sorted’.
Best wishes Poemsgalore xxx

Good news about OH ruby.

Sorry your results weren’t what you’d hoped for but at least you can get it sorted now xx

Hi poemsgalore
After reading your profile I am feeling very humbled you have so many things going on, yet you are able to spare time to give comfort to others, how on earth do you cope? Please give an update of how things are with you to enable people like me who blunder on so blindly an opportunity to offer something back.

Hi maggiemay22
I have looked at your profile and have experience of coping with bc alone. In 2004 when I was diagnosed with DCIS I was single had minimal support from family and friends it was a really tough time. When I attended hospital appointments I was so envious of couples I can remember thinking as awful as this experience was at least they had each other to share/cry/rage etc.
So kind of you to offer those kind words to me. Thank you so much.