Results are in...

So results are…NST stage 2 both breasts (10mm and 12mm) so small. However still awaiting ER/PR and HER2 results so still no news if hormone therapy needed yet or if chemo on the cards. Consultant was really positive and said he’s looking at lumpectomies with reconstruct with surgery date tbc but likely to be mid-end Jan, then with radiotherapy 7-8 weeks after surgery. Spoke with BCN and I asked about the HER2 as I’m bilateral so probably 50/50 if I am HER2+…but fingers/toes crossed. Also got to have genetic testing. Got my head around the lumpectomies/radiotherapy so may yet have to wrap my head around chemo and poss mastectomies later. However may not come to mx as I’m fairly big busted and consultant even said may not be needed. All in all I’m good with the results as it was kinda what I expected. Both hubby and daughter listened in on my calls so all fully aware of what’s happening and they too are positive. Early stage, small and treatable…I’ll take that :slightly_smiling_face: xxx

Dear Crazy Cat lady

“Early stage, small and treatable…”   That is fantastic news!  I think a celebration is in order. 

You also have time now to absorb it all, and enjoy Christmas. 

I assume they’ll tell you what the final plan for surgery is after Christmas? 

The decision about chemo wasn’t made for me till the lump had come back from the lab after surgery. Are they testing your lymph nodes too? 

Anyway, fantastic news. I am so pleased for you. 

Big hugs x