Results back

Hello all,
So I got my results back today and they got all the cancer out ! Start chemo on Wednesday next week and then RT and then hormone tabs.
Very relieved and thankful but also a tad nervous of treatment.
Any advise ?
Thank you



If you go to going through treatment section there are a lot of threads on there for chemo and radiotherapy and the ladies will be of loads of help xxx

Thanks Ladybowler,
I think the treatment is more daunting than the actual diagnosis !
Roll on Wednesday and we’ll see :slight_smile:

Thank you Helena,
That is comforting to know. I’m sure it will be fine.

Hi Jintz. Brilliant news regarding having got rid of all the cancer. I had delayed wound healing so chemo was delayed too which didn’t help my frame of mind. I was dreading it. However it is definitely doable. My first cycle was by far the worst. I had chemo on a Friday. By Thursday the following week I was ready to call it a day. I remember texting my sister saying how dreadful I felt. Afterwards my mum told me my sister had been really worried as I never admit to feeling ill. However that was the worst day. The next day I felt significantly better. I kept a diary of symptoms as suggested by somebody on here. That meant I knew what to expect each cycle and it became just another thing to get through. Looking back now it seems another person was going through it not me.
The biggest tip I ever had though was take all the nausea medication they offer on time. Do NOT wait if you feel ok. And if you have symptoms tell your oncologist and they’ll adjust things for the next dose. It really does fly by xxx

Hi Bottyboo,
Thank’s so much for your reply. It is very helpful and I am hoping that it is going to be smooth sailing. I am a strong person and have amazing support from my family so am sure it is going to be OK.
Thanks again

Hi jintz. Just catching up with posts after my mini cruise and ‘tweaking’ surgery yesterday.  So pleased they got all of the little bugger! Good luck with the chemo