Results back

Hello all,
So I got my results back today and they got all the cancer out ! Start chemo on Wednesday next week and then RT and then hormone tabs.
Very relieved and thankful but also a tad nervous of treatment.
Any advice ?
Thank you

That’s great news! How are you feeling now?
I got my results yesterday, no cancer in lymph nodes and clear margins so radiotherapy and hormone tablets for me. Gotta wait 8 weeks for radiotherapy so will probably be in summer hols. Xx

I am delighted that they got it all out but quite anxious about the treatment. I guess it’s just the unknown. I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Good luck with your treatment.


Hi Jeanette
I am seeing my oncologist tomorrow and will be given dates for starting chemo!
I am really scared as I live on my own!
I have already got IBS and restless legs with anxiety but as you say I will be fine!
I am sure there are lots of ladies on the chemo threads that can give you words of wisdom!

Take care
Sandra x

Do go on treatment threads but always bear in mind we all different how we react to treatments plus there is loads of help with any problems.


McMillan, Breast Cancer Care, Maggies, and more all offer loads of support.


I go to a support group once a month which has helped me so much.


Made some new friends.


Oh I have my struggles but we never alone.




Good luck for tomorrow Jeanette. How are you feeling now? X