Results coming in...

Hello all,
Thank you for all your posts. They do help those who like me over the weekend was too nervous to post. The info was sinking in. Despite my reluctance.
I found a lump at New Year and got it check by my Gp. He was brilliant and referred me to the breast unit before I’d got dressed! I had my appointment last Thursday and today had it confirmed it is BC. Waiting for the hospital to get back to me with all other details.
Trying to read up on here what should and will happen. I’m only 30 and cannot believe I’m going down this path. I see someone else is the same age on here. I’d appreciate advice or support, from me or you as we go through this. What do you think?
Made a couple of phone calls to friends this eve. Very difficult. They are trying to put a positive spin on it. I hope to keep positive and that all will be well. Feel very drained. It’s happened so quickly trying to catch my head up. Don’t know where anything else is.
Waiting for biopsies to be further checked. Then now more of plan and staff to meet.
Trying to keep calm. Wondering what treatment will be. I’m nervous of keeping a household going and being sick. Just hope family and friends can respect my boundaries and help me to ask for the right help. Very difficult time. Heart goes out to all. Too upset at mo. Feel grossed out by the cancer sitting right there with me. How does anyone deal with that? So worried my beautiful breasts will be ruined by this beast. How did you cope with surgery and what that meant for you? Hadn’t thought of fertility being affected so drastically. Single and want children. What decisions do I make without my better half found? Very difficult. I admire all of you who are going through or come to an end of your BC. What amazing people you are.

hi Pineapples,
Its such a complete shock when this happens, especially as your younger, as its much more unexpected.
Although it doesn’t feel like it, but thankfully you got it seen to promptly so that it can be dealt with.
This stage is always particularly difficult as you have the shock of diagnosis, but are still going through investigations & waiting for results, it does get better when you have your treatment plan.
Easier said than done, but take each stage at a time & try not to think to far ahead.
There is great support here & as you have seen, others who are in similar position to yourself.
Google is best avoided so use this site or macmillan if you need info &/or contact the helpline for support.
ann x

Hi Pineapples,


sorry to hear this news xxx



Welcome to the forum. There are lots of very lovely ladies on here who have been through very similar feelings to you. Many of them will be currently at the very same stage, so please have a search through the other threads. …eg newly diagnosed etc.


yes, Anne is right.


its always such a shock and the feelings you have are very normal, No one wants this horrid desease, but it has come to you at a really exciting time bcause there are so many new drugs coming out now that really make a difference - if you find that you need one.


Once your doctors decide exactly what you need to have done, you will be in a better place to be able to deal with things. You may even find, depending upon the size/composition of your lump that any treatment might not leave signs that are very noticeable afterwards.If that isnt the case, then you will be able to cope with it. There are people you can chat to, such as your breast care nurse or a counsellor who will help you on your journey. …just take one hour, one day at a time xx


Take deep breaths when you feel anxious and chat things through with a good friend or you can call the helpline above…I have found them to be really helpful myself, they will help you make a list of all the things you want to ask at your follow up appointment.


You can always come back on here and chat to us xx We are here for you.






Hi, seems we both are in the same unfortunate situation - I am 30 as well, single and no kids. Currently waiting for my biopsy results on Monday and very nervous - trying to stay positive and determined to beat this but it’s difficult. Seems we both have a long road ahead and while I’m not happy you’re here I believe it does help to have somebody to relate to - happy to talk whenever you feel like

Hi Pineapples,

I’m very glad we found each other and we need to stay strong and motivate each other, we can get through this x

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks (before my breast clinic appointment) in isolation, crying and fearing the worst and guess what? It happened. I’ve cried when I received my results as well and I’m still crying when I think about all the long term effects of cancer on my life.

In my moments of sanity, I’m thinking I need to be as positive as possible and never give up, because I can’t expect my body to fight if I’ve mentally given up before the fight even started.

This may sound strange, but I don’t even care what happens to my breasts - I’m happy to get rid of them if this is what it takes to save my life. I love my breasts and was always very proud of them, but if they don’t love me back then might be safer to part ways, not only now but for the future as well -

I’m basically willing to do anything to get healthy as quick as possible and get on with life (although I’m so so scared of surgery, never had one before).

What I’m most concerned about are long-term effects of chemo, such as infertility, early menopause, potential memory loss, etc.

I think the worst part is the waiting, I seem to agree with other ladies who have said that waiting for results is the worst - especially as I tend to be a control freak and right now I have no control over my own life…

Please keep in touch and let me know your thoughts. Lots of hugs xoxo