Results date

Hi girlies,

How are you all today?
Got my date for my results… next wed the 12th.
Iv been in a right state today emotionally… thought i was going to have a breakdown at one point. Sat in the middle of the kitchen floor screaming crying.
It wasnt the point that i got a date (only just this minute got it as postman posted it through wrong door and woman just gave it to colin), the FTC sent a letter asking for details going back 2 years… nursery receipts, gas bill, bank details… just about everything you have including any loan details. I phoned them to say i didnt mind sending anything to do with them but i thought that personal debts, loans and how much i spend on shopping had nothing to do with them. She was very blunt on the phone and told me i had 4 weeks to send it all or they will sue me for withholding information. Has anyone heard of this??
I was feeling low today to start with but that just sent me flying over the edge.

love to u all
claire xxxxx

Claire let me wrap you in my arms and make you feel better!!! all my love LJ

what is ftc
claire i will hold you in my deep prayers that the result will be good

sry your having a bum day after rain theres always sunshine you know

love and hugs

Hi Claire,

Sorry to hear you’re feeling down hun’. I hope things get better for you soon. I’m sorry I cant help with the FTC thing as I’m thick and dont know what that is !! derr!! Watch now it will be something really obvious.

We have had the CSA on to us asking for arrears for my stepson (who lives with us as his mum moved abroad and doesn’t pay us a penny) she’s had £12000 of us over the last few years. We’ve had nothing from her since he left, oh sorry, she let him stay over there for 2 weeks in the holidays, how generous. Well she wants about 3 months arrears off us, we stopped paying as got sick of picking him up from town centre pubs at 7pm on a friday night in his school uniform and with no tea in his belly! Not funding her social life! Sorry, rant over! I cant believe the audacity of the woman!

They have threatened to come round and arrest hubby, take the money out of his wages etc, he wont pay out of principle, and TBH I’m with him 100%!

Sorry, sorry, this is one subject that really p****s me off!

I can’t see why a company would legally have the right to demand personal info from you claire, but if its government, then I dont suppose there’s very much you can do, much like us, tied hands n’ all that!

Hope your feeling better sweet

heidi xx

Hi Claire

Not sure what you mean by FTC, this is hardly the time for you to start worrying and stressing about legal matters. Could you tell them what’s happening, ask them for a more in-depth explanation of why they want all this information and then tell them to “****** off”. Seems to me that all these organisations and companies are forgetting the personal touch and understanding that they all say they have.

Love K

Thanks ladies,

As for letting them know… when i was on the phone to them the 2nd time today i ended up bursting out cring and saying… do you know iv just had an op to do with BC and i dont need more stress’. She said ’ oh well i still need all you can send asap.

B**CH !!!

ANyway how r u all tonight??
K my dear how are u after today.? Sending you lots and lots of love
Dawn matey… hows you and the kids?? xx
Hello Cee lovey, how are you all bearing up xxxxx
Heidi. I have an ex that dont pay a penny and never has … 10yrs… it should be men like him who they gun down not men like ur husband who wanted the best for his child.
LJ ur being sooo brave hunny. love ya

claire xxxxx

Hi Claire
hang in there… you have had such a tough day. So Wednesday is an important day for us both! I really hope & pray your results will be good… when is the appointment? Seems like a long way off and the days seem to go slowly despite my busyness! My kids are back to school tomorrow and my tot to nursery next week… maybe a routine will help!

By FTC do you mean family tax credit? If so, I thought all they ever needed to know was income and that’s all. If it’s not family tax credit then I don’t know how to advise other than to be honest with them and say that right now you have too much going on to get all the details they want. Maybe you could check out their website if they have one. Get hubby on the phone…

Well, hope you manage to get a good night’s sleep. Thinking of you especially during the low times,


Hi nanny,
Yes its the family tax credit,
The letter says its just a standard letter and they do these checks sometimes. But i still cant get my head around why they want all my bills

Fingers crossed for both of us wednesday
claire xxxx

hi claire, what about the social cant they find him and stop the money at source for the kids hon, as for owing them money send them a fiver a month and tell them to ===== off

sry but they make me so cross,

my dear sil who lost her hubby yesterday got a letter from carers allowance and said because phil had spent so much time in and out of hosp before his passing that she will now have to pay it bk

bloody folk dont they have hearts

i feel for you babe dont let them grind you down your worth three of them babe

big hug to you

Hi Claire,

I think Nanny’s suggestion is a good one. Get hubby on the phone to them. You really don’t need the stress. And maybe the Citizens Advice Bureau could help.

Love and hugs,
beano x