Results next Thursday...?

Hi everyone. I am a 39yr old mother of one and found an indent on my breast around 3 weeks ago. On further checking I also found a lump. I have always thought that I was good at checking my breasts but obviously not. I went to the docs last Monday who referred me to the breast clinic at the hospital and I had my appointment on thursday. At my local hospital they have almost a one stop shop in which I was able to get to speak to a consultant, got an ultrasound, mammogram and ended up having to have core biopsy. Consultant confirmed that there is definitely a lump at the bottom of my breast that is measuring 2cm on the mammogram. To be honest I think I am still in a state of shock as half expected to be told it was nothing to worry about and didn’t ask any questions and didn’t take anyone with me. I have no family history of bc.

They also took some bloods to check me for anemia, kidney & liver function. Is this normal procedure?? I have to go back next Thursday for the results, I did ask the consultant what he thought but he wouldn’t commit all he did say was that the lump could be surgically removed. To be honest in my heart of hearts I’m preparing for the worst… How did everyone cope with the waiting?


Hi Grace, The waiting is the worst part, I found it totally brutal and in all honesty dragged myself through the week on my knees! There is nothing you can do other than keep yourself as busy and focused as you can which will help the days go quicker, I didn’t have any bloods taken but all hospitals do things different so it’s likely just routine for them so try not to over worry about that,plenty of help and support here if you need it during the waiting period and beyond if you are diagnosed Xx Jo 

Hi Grace, thinking of you xx


good luck for Thursday. Remember that they are very clever at this stuff these days…and hang in there



Thanks both for your reply. Have managed to keep myself busy with work the last few days but in the quiet times I can’t help wonder what will happen if the results tomorrow aren’t good. Dreading the appointment but know I need to do it. Xxx