Results not as good as expected

Hi peeps

Had my results today, 

Cancer all gone from lumpectamy but found in first lymph node other three clear. So I’ve been told I need a body scan a further op to remove all lymph nodes, chemo and radio therapy… I was in shock so didn’t ask anything all I could do was think of my children my mum and dad my husband so I don’t know how much chemo or when op is or how long it will take. Im scared about body scan as feel it will be bad news too. So many thoughts going round my head, and Im just about to eat one of the grandchildren easter egg ?I  need something nice xxxx cancer was only small so convinced myself all would be good x 

Hi Alvilajo

I was the same, I had involved lymph nodes, however body scan was clear. 

Its great your team are being thorough, and you will have peace of mind, they are removing all your lymph nodes. 

I had neo adjuvant chemo, by the time I had surgery all the cancer was out. 

You will be fine, take care of yourself. ?

Hi Alvilajo

We seem to have been following each other re treatment and diagnosis. 

I hope you don’t mind me asking questions.

I had grade 1 breast cancer removed & x5 lymph nodes removed, 1 of which contained Macrometasteses.  Results were discussed with Oncologist- he just advised radiotherapy & Tamoxifen.  On the predict tool chemo only offered 1% more protection over 10 years for me so seemed to be no need.

I have not been offered a body scan.

I read about in America they do both Mammogram & MRI especially on dense breast tissue (which I have), I did mention this to the Oncologist, but he brushed it off.  

After reading your discussion I’m begining to think I was right & should have been offered an MRI to check for spread elsewhere.

I hope you don’t mind me asking what stage cancer and re your lymph node ?