Results not what I wanted to hear!

Hi Ladies, well the news wasn’t what I wanted to hear unfortunately margins not clear so now having to wait for re-excision, doc was lovely took his time to explain what they did in the first surgey and all about the margin clearance. Have been advised if clear margins not met it will be a mastectomy next time.
Have to wait till 20th Feb for next surgery so it’s back on the waiting bench, even more sleepless nights. I’m gutted i’ve got to go through this again. I went in feeling really positive and came out totally deflated. Have my path report now which my BCN went through it so quick I didn’t take it in, at least I can go through at home.
Lyn x

bump xxx

Hi Lyn, I had my first WLE on 18th Dec, not clear margins so had re-excision on 22nd Jan. first time I had a drain and recovery time much longer than 2nd. I drove 8 days after op #2 no probs. Results of WLE #2 tomorrow - fingers crossed! Xx

Hi Jellyot83
I do hope you margins are clear tomorrow I’ll keep everything crossed for you. Let me know how you get on
Big hugs x

What a disappointment for you Lyn… still, a second bite at the area may have a better result. Shame you have to wait until 18th for it … but have read a few people say the second WLE isn’t as bad as the first and recovery quicker so hopefully your recoverery won’t be hampered too much by the set-back. We should get medals for all this waiting around… or a special ‘sleep hypnosis’ where we can awaken when it’s all behind us.
Thinking of you

Had the same result and am going back in for 2nd WLE today. I have to keep reminding myself that if my consultant didn’t think he could get it all, he would have suggested a mx in the first place. Fingers crossed…

Hi Lyn - sorry to hear that you need more surgery - I know I was gutted when it happened to me - its like you ‘get over’ the op and looking forward to next stage and then get hit with the dreaded news saying you have to have more surgery. It is a setback but like all the lovely ladies say on here its almost as if second time round isn’t that bad and you know what to expect and recovery is not too long and of course you do get rid of that nasty cancer. My surgeon did a full mx second time round but I do know of ladies that have had a second WLE and got clear margins that way. That was 3 years this week - I have now had a delayed reconstruction and living a full, happy and healthy life so hang in there lots of hugs xxx

great news about clear margins! good luck with your radiotherapy xxxxx

Hi Girls,
I got good news :slight_smile: Clear margins and 3 weeks radiotherapy :slight_smile:

Wonderful news Jellytot83, so pleased for you! Good Luck with the radiotherapy xx xx

Hi Girls
Well it just wasn’t my time to move on to the next stage, i will keep positive and try not to worry to much. It’s time for me to go back to the waiting bench, yes Tori we should get medals for all the waiting we have to do and a sleep fairy would be good too. I always feel so much better after reading the post and all the support thats given Saffronseed seed 3 years this week is fab
CarolineA I hope everything goes well for you today keep me posted on your progress (((hugs))
Thanks for the support xxx