Results of biopsy post op tomorrow

So I get my results tomorrow and worrying like mad, the anxiety has kicked me right up the backside today I’m really worried that it has spread into lymph nodes my surgeon told me when I came round she had to remove 5 as they were hard so I’m scared of outcome I burst into tears when I got home that night, Im frightened that because my BC is TN grade 3 that it’s worse than I originally was told sorry for the meltdown but I’m trying to be calm in front of the family and playing my fears down xx

Hi well I´m in the same boat my wife will receive her results tomorrow… I feel very nervous :manfrustrated:

Big deep breaths, people. Anxiety puts the imagination into overdrive. At the moment it’s a 50% chance that everything is ok, so hang on to that. I know how you feel, and the advice I was given was, one step at a time. The medics will be there for you, and they want the best outcome. I’m crossing fingers and toes for positive results for you both. Good luck. ?

Sending you all good wishes for tomorrow, we are all there beside you virtually, holding you hands


Helena xxx

Thanks everyone I know what you mean about anxiety! I think when I speak to the consultant and my breast nurse I will probably feel better at least I will know exactly what I’m facing, then I can deal with it! I’ve been great since op till today! Thanks Again girls and good luck for your wife’s results tomorrow too

Hi Mishy, I had 5 nodes removed as well and all were clear so good chance they will be for you too. We all know how hard it is when you are waiting for results especially when you try and hold it together for those around you when you are crumbling inside. Thinking of you today. Michelle xx

Result day has been eventful such bitter sweet relief, so my results showed that it was not 18mm but 30mm with a show of a spread to 1 node a very aggressive cancer but it’s gone thanks to my marvellous surgeon and team she decided to take more away and has got a clear margin around tumor and lymph node that was affected so it’s out yeah I’m going to have chemo the rads about 8 months all in but it’s gone and that’s the belt and braces, she told me all about what triple negative means and I feel so much better today now I know where I am with this unwanted guest that took up residence in my boob!!! I really can’t thank the wonderful team at the RVI enough for everything they have done to keep me well xxx

It’s the not knowing what gets you but you should be fine my BC surgeon came to see me afterwards to tel me she had removed them so I knew straight after the op there was a possibility of this xx

Mishy18 where are you having your surgery at? My consultant always refers to belts and braces and I’d never heard it before lol. I hate all the waiting for results etc x

Queen Bee in Newcastle RVI I didn’t know myself what it meant at first but she explained… No cancer… Is the pants and to stop them falling down (coming back) so to speak I need belt and brace!! Good way of reassuring you when you’re bloody terrified!!!

Annie yeah probably will see you there I’ve got to see onc doc in about 2 weeks!