Results of biopsy today - good news

This is my first post but I looked on here when the doc referred me to the breast clinic and read a couple of posts on the Waiting for Results section but it wasn’t good news and just made me feel worse so I stopped reading and tried to keep busy and think of something else (sorry!). So, I’m really just posting for the benefit of anyone else that is waiting for results or for your appointment at the breast clinic - and to say that sometime you get good news!
Three generations of my family on my mothers side have had breast cancer including my mother - several members of one family got it including one male. About a month ago I found a lump and went to see the doc who referred me to the breast clinic. He was reassuring and said the referral was really just cos he wanted to get it checked due to the family history. Two weeks later I went to the appointment and felt pretty positive about it. I was worried but deep down thought I would be told everything was fine. Had mammogram and could tell something had shown up, had ultrasound, then biopsy. Now I’m scared. Memories of the day my mum had her biopsy and results are still painful.
I coped pretty well with the week’s wait but this morning I was a wreck. Hospital phoned and asked me to come an hour earlier which felt ominious. But thankfully I got the all clear! Didnt feel jubilant as I expected, or even massively relieved. In fact I sobbed uncontrollably as soon as I left the doc’s office all the way out of the hospital. Anyone watching would have thought I’d just had bad news. Think it was just all the pressure of pretending and trying hard to be “ok” for this last couple of weeks.
The clinic was absolutely brilliant and very organised. The staff were caring and efficient at the same time - doctors and nursers. Very impressed with all of that and things have improved a lot since my mum’s time. She was diagnosed at age 46, then maestectomy and chemo followed by a full recovery 17 years now - so more good news.
Didn’t mean to write such a big story but I hope this reassures even one person. If you’re waiting for results what worked for me was hardly telling anyone (so I didnt have to talk about it), going away for a weekend, keeping very busy and getting support from two brilliant people.
Good luck to you and I hope you get good news too. Even if you don’t - knowing about it means you can deal with it and start to get it sorted. Be good to yourself in the meantime xxx

Congratulations. I’m happy for you truly I am . I can imagine its emotional and a big shock xx
can I ask what they told you when you had your tests? They said mine was suspicious which has really frightened me :frowning:

Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:


ps. Don’t be surprised at how emotional you are about the good news, and don’t be surprised if it takes a while to thow it off. It’s never easy confronting the fact that you may be facing a life threatening situation, and facing your own mortality is very bruising for a while. Be kind to yourself, and get help if you need it. I didn’t, and suffered for quite a while, telling nobody how bad I felt!

That’s fantastic news vino, especially with your family history. Thanks for sharing it with us on here. Take care.

Poemsgalore xxx

Awesome news vino - I also cry at good news these days too :wink:

Best wishes,

Fabulous news vino- we love to hear good news. It keeps everyone going.

Thanks so much for posting as like we all know the waiting is the worst for us all. It is fantastic news that you have been given the all clear, so now you can get on with your life and enjoy every minute. I know you will see the world with fresh eyes now.
I am so pleased also that your Mum has had 17 years after her mx. Mine was July 2010 and O sometimes think I will only live between 5 and 10 years so it is great news when we realise it could be much longer.
Thanks , and take good care of yourself . Love Tracy xxx

Thanks everyone for your messages and good wishes and I hope you are all doing well. Sorry, for the hit and run post - I should have checked back in earlier.
Carolina - yes, they did say it was suspicious. But they also showed me a kind of rating scale of risk and I was M3 - in the middle… If I remember this correctly:

  • M1 - nothing suspicious on mammogram/ultrasound (U1)
  • M2 - something there but benign
  • M3 - Suspicious/unknown - needs further investigation
  • M4 - Very likely to be cancer (not so sure on this point)
  • M5 - Definitely cancer (diagnosis)
    This was fairly reassuring in that it wasnt a definate and I reasoned that even if the news was bad then it couldnt be that bad or they would have known for sure. I thought if it was cancer at least it must have been caught early. Dunno if that’s right or not but it helped me.
    It is a massive relief now although they said I’m probably to have annual mammograms. My mum has requested her notes and looking into whether its its genetic - possibly going to go down genetic testing route. I’ve been given a detailed questionairre to send to the hospital and they will get back to me on where we go from here.
    Good luck to everyone waiting for results and those of you undergoing treatment. My mum obviously didnt get good news all those years ago but is absolutely fine now. She got through it and you will too if you didnt get good news in your results.