Results on friday

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with DCIS high grade last Friday. Total surprise as I had only had an operation to remove infected milk ducts. Consultant said he didn’t expect to find the csncer so they then sent me for a mammogram, chest xray and blood tests. Get all my results this Friday. They are now looking for invasive cancer cells and checking whether my other breast is clear or not. This has all come out of the blue and happened so far. I’m putting on a brave face but I’m terrified of getting my results. So far it’s full mastectomy on right breast and radiotherapy. I can deal with that. I’m terrified of chemo and the consultant telling me it’s in both breasts. All my family and close friends now know. I’m just struggling to switch of my mind from worrying. 

Our stories are very similar!  Neither the consultant nor I were expecting what he found at WLE on 31st May (invasive locular carcinoma).  I can understand your shock.  I hope your results on Friday are all ok and that your other breast is clear (mine was after a bit of scare following MRI).  I am now waiting for SLNB results which I will get on Monday.  


Like you somehow I can accept surgery and radiotherapy but if I have to go down the chemo route it terrifies me.


It is good that you are being thoroughly investigated though.  I am extremely grateful for the eagle-eyes of the radiologist at mammogram who wasn’t happy with the calcifications.  I had no symptoms at all so if she hadn’t followed her instinct I shudder to think what another 3 years before my next mammogram would have meant.


Keeping everything crossed for you.  Keep positive though, it helps with the down days. 





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Hi Ablondemoment. I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS slmost a year ago. Waiting for results is the worst part! I had 2 ops and 15 lots of radiotherapy. Just had my first yearly mammogram and the wait for results is here again. Hoping for good and positive results for you tomorrow xx