Results worried

Sine been diagnosed I have been through 2 lots of surgery and feeling tired and vulnerable…Pathology results Thursday…I am scared stiff because not sure I can go through anymore insults to my body. I keep trying to rationalise things by telling myself any further treatment is my insurance policy but the thought of all the side effects makes me feel helpless .I am sure lots of you lovely ladies have been where I am and I respect and admire your strength. Sorry to rant but feeling low in mood today. Janey

Janey please try not to worry sweetie. I have had chemo before surgery and I have my MX op next thursday so for me I think you have got the worst over with. All in all Chemo went really well. I had 4 x Fec and 4 x Docetaxol. Both of which have there own side effects. My tumor shrunk from 4.5cm to them not being able to find it on chemo so do be reassured that it is your insurance policy. You will be whatched very closly and will have the chemo suite on speed dial for most of the drugs needed for the SE’s especially anti-sickness of which I had very little. The chemo suite is full of reassuring nurses and we had free sandwiches and coffee whilst having a natter during each cycle. I have actually enjoyed putting my feet up and having a break from work for the last 5 months. The worst I got was achy muscles and not being able to taste food. I am one of the awesome April Angels because we all started chemo in April. I have already met Philomena whilst on holiday and were all due to meet next April. You should join a monthly thread too. I couldn’t have managed without them. Good Luck Janey. Sandy. xx

Hi Janey160359

Whilst waiting for replies to your post maybe you could call our free helpline where the staff can offer practical information as well as emotional support.  The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

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Hi janey

Just wanted to say I had bilateral mx and immediate recon on the 13th august and I ciuldnt believe that I was lucky enough ti only need tamoxifen. I was also scared and still scared even though I know how lucky I have been! Hope the news was good
Andie xx

I had MX with immediate reconstruction, and other side, had replacement implant, following Mx 13 years ago, it had twisted! and some lipo suction to make me even. i feel very good, armpit painful due to sentinel blue dye lymph node biopsy, anyone else have this done with pain after?


Results day tomorrow, however feeling postive, and know I am in the best hands possible. All I cansay  to Janey, and anyone who feels low, just GO WITH THE FLOW, my mantra.

janey, just for you, a hug," go with the flow", no medlas in this game and take care.x:

me again, all clear, tumour 9cm long… but no further treatment, YAY…

Hi Janey, Hope your ok and keeping fingers crossed for your results. I have been told i need to have a masectomy with a reconstruction and have no idea what to expect at all really so am very nervous. XX