Results today ...devastated

Hi Everyone,  Got my results today and to say I am in shock is an understatement.  Got the dreaded news that I need chemo :smileysad: I cant even begin to think about whats to come.  I have to come to terms with my daughter postponing her wedding first which absolutely devastates me.  I just dont know how I am going to get through this :smileyfrustrated: xx

I got my results as well today all removed none in lymph nodes but triple negative so will probably need chemo then radiotherapy

Forgot to say gazzlyn I had it three year’s ago and the chemo wasn’t nice but doable amd you will get through it. I worked full time whem having chemo

Oh Lynda, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve got to have chemo but the most important thing is that you have whatever treatment you need to get well again, and I’m sure that’s what your daughter will think too.  It is always a shock to get bad news but is there a way that you could still attend your daughter’s wedding, perhaps by asking the doctors to schedule your chemo in a way that your ‘good’ days fall when the wedding takes place?  


As far as the chemo itself goes, I know that it is nasty and there is just no getting around that, but those who’ve had it tell me that it is bearable as long as you make sure you tell your medical team about every side effect you get, so they can help you with it. 


Really wish there was something I could do or say to help you but please know that we do all care about you and will help you through this in whatever way we can and will ALWAYS be here to listen when you need us.



Hi Kellc, it’s good to hear from someone who knows that the chemo is ‘doable’ and I’m so sorry you’ve got to go through it again.  



Dear Lynda x my thoughts are with you xx when is your daughters wedding planned for? Sending lots and lots and lots of love Sarah

Hi Lynda, I am so sorry to read your news. I was told I would have to have chemo as well and I was scared witless until I got reassurance from this forum. Maybe we could go through it together? Chemo Buddies?


Rosie xx

Forgot to say i just got the news, so haven’t started it as yet.



Good morning Lynda, I think you’re completely entitled to a pity-party in the circumstances as it can’t be an easy thing to adjust to even without the added whammy of the impact on your daughter’s wedding.  But she sounds wonderful and I know that I would want my Mum to have the chemo and would rather postpone the wedding so she could be there fit and well :slight_smile:


I guess your next step is a meeting with the oncologist to work out which chemo regime and details of when it starts?  Hopefully that meeting will help you get your head around what comes next so I’ll be looking out for your posts.


Stupid cancer.  Take care of yourself.



Hi Lynda
A lot to get ur head around x but that is one amazing daughter you have and 2016 is a lovely year to get married xxxx more time to plan the little details to make it even more perfect. I’ve looked at some notes from my hospital - I think the /8 score might relate to your ER status - I’m ER positivev7/8 but her2 negative . Perhaps the 2/8 might mean it’s closer to negative ? And that might be why they have said border triple negative ? I’d have to google …I’m sorry can’t be more helpful x sending my love x sarah

Oh ok - I have this from Breast cancer care
An Allred score between 0 and 8. This scoring system is named for the doctor who developed it. The system looks at what percentage of cells test positive for hormone receptors, along with how well the receptors show up after staining (this is called “intensity”). This information is then combined to score the sample on a scale from 0 to 8. The higher the score, the more receptors were found and the easier they were to see in the sample.
However, you might have been told u were negative? My result is why I’ll be on tamoxifen for 10 years as tumour receptive to hormone treatments but jury still out on chemo - find out next week x take care x

Hi Lynda,


The MacMillan website has an explanation of all the different chemo regimes, including FEC, and I know a lot of the ladies on here have that one so the chemo threads on the ‘Going through treatment’ board might be helpful when you’re ready to read them. 


I’m doing fine now that the surgery is over and I’m healing nicely. I was stupidly scared about the whole thing and it didn’t go as well as I had hoped/been lead to believe but this journey is full of horrible surprises and if a mangled boob is the worst I end up with I’ll consider myself very lucky.  I get my pathology results on Thursday so I’m trying to prepare myself mentally for the worst.  Like you I’m frightened of chemo but I’m even more frightened of having to have more surgery :frowning:


I’ve made myself an appointment with The Haven, a breast cancer charity, to get some counselling on Monday as I’m not coping as well as I would like.  They offer counselling and all sorts of other practical and emotional support and it’s all free.  Is that something that you might find helpful too?  I’m told they are particularly good at helping women through chemo and if I have to have it, I’ll be making use of all their support.


Much love to you and your lovely daughter





Hi gazzlyn
I think I still feel numb it just doesn’t feel real.
Its not fair but there is nothing I can do about .
At least I know that they have taken the cancer out.

Its going to be a long hard year but we will get there

Take care

Hi as you I have been told that I need to have chemo and also radiotherapy. Not only have I had a mastectomy (not yet allowed reconstruction) but will also months of treatment. End of last week made an appointment to have a wig fitting, to be honest just sort of got led into booking the appointment by family. The thought of losing my hair fills me with dred more so than having mastectomy. Everyone keeps saying it will grow back, imagine all the great wigs you can Wear! Like to see them in my place… That is along with all the other side effects. Having said that meeting with oncology team they are offering lots of support and guidance what to expect, how yo deal with side effects - so suppose have to wait and see.

Yeah in fairness the wigs out there are good and they will trim it to suit also. Just another hurdle will also give cold cap a go just to tick all options

Judi that sounds awful, I hope you start to feel better again soon



Oh judi xxxxxx sending so much love to u - Xxx I hope that u feel a bit better soon xxx