results tomorrow.. so scared

hi everyone i have been reading all your posts and just need to talk. i have my results tomorrow at 9.35am. i am only 31 and have 3 children aged 13, 9 and 4. i have been told to expect a cancer diagnos and it is measuring 3cm wit 1 chunky lymph node. i have had biopsy and fna. what can i expect to hear tomorrow in terms of grade stage hormone induced treatment etc. i am so scared its spread and i am going to die


NO, YOU ARE NOT …you are NOT going to die Fairy.  You should read all the success stories …you are not alone.   Personally, I know at least  6 ladies among my close family and friends, who have beaten the blighter and are leading normal cancer free lives … one of them had it in her 30s and is now 75 years old, and that’s without the benefit of the present day advance in treatments.

I can imagine how anxious you are…be strong for your kids.  Hopefully you won’t need any drastic treatments- whatever it is, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I don’t know much about grades etc.  I’ve just come by to give you a big hug. There will be other lovely ladies here who will give you more info xx


love and best wishes xxx

Hi Fairy,

So sorry to hear you’re going through this & although it’s the pits, it’s quite normal to feel as you do. We’ve all been overwhelmed by negative thoughts at some point, especially at 4 in the morning. 

The time before getting results is the worst bit in going through this. Once you know what you’re dealing with & what’s to be done about it, then these feelings subside. You will have a much better idea tomorrow about how it is going to be dealt with tomorrow. 

Please be assured that treatment for bc is excellent now, with some of the best outcomes out there. There are loads of ladies here who are now through treatment & getting on with their lives, so there is every reason to be positive.

Do come & chat whenever you need to, there’s loads of support here from those of us where you are now, including women a similar age to you with children & those of us further down the road. If it is confirmed, then do look at the ‘newly diagnosed board.’

Also there’s lots of information on the main bcc site, as well as the helpline above if you need to talk things through. 

You’re not alone,

Sending hugs 

ann x




Hi fairy. Sending you big hugs. I know it sounds weird but waiting is the worse bit. Once you know one way or the other, you know what you are dealing with and you kind of get swept along appointments and treatments if it is bc. Fingers crossed it will all be fine. I am 42 so a bit older than you. I didn’t get a huge amount of information at the appointment,  just that it was bc and it was hormone positive, so i would have to have tamoxifen at some point.  My tissue is quite dense so they weren’t even sure of sizes. Try to stay positive,  and I am keeping everything crossed that you get the best possible results.  Keep us posted. 

thank u both, i am just so scared and why me? could they be wrong from just looking at us and mammo… how can they know it is?

Hello Fairy.  I didn’t want to read and run as I expect there may only be night owls (like me) checking out the forum at present and I know how anxious you will be tonight.


If your fears are confirmed, I would anticipate that you will get quite a lot of information about your tumour characteristics, etc.  There may be one test for Her2 where the results won’t have come back yet as sometimes these take longer to ascertain.  There will be some discussion on your treatment plan and you will most likely meet your breast cancer nurse if you haven’t already met her.  She will provide lots of support and information in the following weeks with appointments and will possibly sit down with you after you have seen the consultant in the morning. Hopefully, you are not going to your appointment alone.  An extra pair of ears is essential at this time - I think I only took in one word in 6 at mine.


Waiting for results is the worse part I have found.  Once I had these and a treatment plan in place, I felt a lot better.  Do try and get some rest this evening - I know it won’t be easy.  Big hugs. Ezzie. X

i am just so scared i am going to leave my children… doubt ill sleep much but thank u very much all for the replies


I’m night owl too…go to bed late and wake up late haha

Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you x


Thinking about you Fairy xxx

i still dont understand it all myself but its grade 3 ductal type its hormone sensitive but still waitin for her2 test… they lookin at lumpectomy and chemo and rads… im still confused to what it all means… its measuring 37mm is that big xx

Hi Fairy,
It’s a bit like learning a new language when diagnosed, you’ll soon get to grips with it all.
The ductal type which is hormone sensitive is the most common, most of us have had that diagnosis. It means your bc is stimulated to grow by the oestrogen hormone & sometimes progesterone. This means that there are effective hormone therapies for this, that can treat your bc & help prevent recurrance.
Her2+ is less common, but means that growth factor stimulates it to grow & again, there is an effective targetted treatment for this, should this come back positive.
Size does not necessarily affect the outcome, so try not worry about that.
Do look at the main site here where there is a section that explains your pathology report, or ring the helpline if you want to talk it through.
It’s all such a blur at the mo, but you’ll soon have your treatment plan to kick its butt, so to speak.
Sending hugs & do come & chat whenever you want to.
ann x

Hi fairy - I’ve just started to learn this language too! My diagnosis last Fri is very similar to yours. I’m just awaiting a final biopsy result for the full set this Friday before my order of treatment is decided. It’s all very scary - and feels very quick -  but I’m finding that the more I read all these posts, the more familiar I’m becoming with the terminology - and the postive outcomes and vibes from thsi community too - which I’m finding makes me feel normal-ish. 

Hang on in there hun  - we’ll get there, I’m sure. 

big hugs


i dont feel like i have the strength to be positive

Goodluck today fairy, will be thinking of you.


Debbie x


I read your post how are you getting on.
I was diagnosed at the age of 26 with Dcis grade 3. It’s been 14 yrs now and im ok now.
stay positive and you will get through it x

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hi there… im in a much better place now and just takin it one day at a time… u never no how strong u can be until u have to be… im her2 positive so started fec t last monday, its not nice but im over the worse for this cycle… 1 down, 5 to go… i hope ur doing ok xx

and its so lovely to hear ur success story, thank u… its been a massive shock being so young and come at the worse possible time… my poor kids havent had the best 6 weeks holidays as we had to cancel our holiday to bulgaria… but ive promised them florida next year so ill make it up to them, im lucky as i have a fantastic husband mam and friends to support me xx

Hi Fairy,
Glad to read you are getting on ok. Florida next year sounds fab and what a wonderful goal to focus on with your family