Results tomorrow


I realise I may be jumping the gun a bit as I dont get my results from the biopsy til tomorrow but from the way the lovely breast care nurse was talking it seems most likey to be BC.

Struggling to concentrate despite fantastic support from my lovely husband - its all such bad timing ( not that there’s ever a good time) but my hubby is going in for stents on 24th feb  and our daughter is getting married this saturday!  When and how on earth do i tell the children 25 and 23, they will be leaving on the monday and feel its awful to have to tell them after what i hope will be a lovely day but dont want to have to tell them on the phone. They are coming back for the weekend on 27th feb for  my husbands 50th which is the day he comes out of hospt (!) but not sure how quickly surgery happens??


Hi Borbie

I hope this message is not required and you have good news x

Your treatment plan depends on several factors; some ladies have chemo prior to surgery and others have surgery first

The current waiting time targets are

  • No more than 2 months wait between an urgent GP referral for suspected cancer and starting treatment
  • Starting treatment no more than 31 days after the meeting at which you and your doctor agree the treatment plan

You will be involved in the decision when to commence treatment


My eldest son was abroad when I had the mammogram and biopsies; I did not tell him until I had all the results and my plan of care…it is difficult and they will want to support you.


I hope you do not begin this journey…but if you do I would like to reassure you …yes it is scary but it is not as bad as your mind fears. Post surgery if you have chemo and radiotherapy…my experience was positive…felt under the weather post chemo for 4-5 days…but still went shopping and cooked meals etc…didn’t quite run up the stairs like before …but walked up them… the radiotherapy …didn’t feel anything…


I wish you well for tomorrow x




Hi borbie,

Firstly, I’m obviously hoping you get good news tomorrow.


When I had my biopsies the consultant and BCN were both very honest with me and told me that in cases like mine it would be very unlikely not to be cancer. I found this helped because instead of worrying while waiting for results, I felt I could get on with coming to terms with it (while worrying as well).


In terms of when to tell people, I don’t think there’s ever a good time. We waited until a few days after my 13 year old’s birthday as we didn’t want him to have a negative memory for his birthday. But it isn’t an easy decision to make. 


My surgery was within two weeks of diagnosis.


Good luck and enjoy the wedding xx

Hi Borbie


From me finding my lump to the ‘all clear’ of surgery results was 5 weeks!


Let us know if it’s good news won’t you!


Fingers crossed,