Results tomorrow

Lying in bed thinking that tonight I can guess the outcome of all scans and tests, but tomorrow I will know for sure. I’ve been pre warned, so not that hopeful. My hope is that whatever treatment I need won’t make me as ill as last time, and that we can get busy living what time I have left. THANKS for all support. Too exhausted to write individual responses, sorry x

Hi Imac


Good luck for your results tomorrow.


Hope they are better than you think they will be.


Jaye x

Got everything crossed for you tomorrow… xxx

Lorna x

All best wishes for you, with you in spirit xx

All the best for your results… Hope they are better than you imagine and that your oncologist has a good treatment plan in place.
((( hugs))))
C xxx

Hi All. Results: Breast cancer secondaries in lung and pelvis bone. Brain clear thank goodness. Now have to wait again to see the Oncologist. Chatted to my old Breast support nurse, ironic. She was fairly positive. She thinks that as I am well, they may suggest I have limited treatment, maybe hormone therapy only. She said I shouldn’t underestimate how good this can be. Lifted my mood a lot. Still expecting dark days, but coming to terms with diagnosis and hopeful for a managable prognosis, at least for as long as possible. Thanks for your kind words.



Hi Imac

I pleased your news appears to be better than you thought… And that it has put your mind a rest a little after having spoken to your BC nurse… Once you have spoken to your oncologist you will have a clear picture of the treatment plan… I’m tn so I don’t know much about hormone therapy, but have seen many ladies on this and other sites that have been on them for years…

It’s my turn for my results today, oncology appt this afternoon…

God luck for your oncologist appt.,

C xxx

Imac…glad to hear you feel a little more positive and that yourn treatment works well.


Orse, my friend…i am holding your hand and hoping for good news.xxxx

Good luck orse…thinking of you x

Thanks ladies… I’ve posted on bone mets thread… Nodes and skin mets shrunk, just shadow on lung which is reported as infection and area of concern on my pelvis so now going to have densumab (sp)…

Good news tho is that onc says Eribulin Is Back on the cdf list!! One more option for me!

Stresshead - how are you, any signs that your chemo is working?? Some info for you… My onc says she can see skin mets on ct scans - apparently they show in the thickness of the skin… She even showed me on my ct scan and it was obvious, could see the difference in my CT from June to the one had yesterday… Not sure if it will be the same with everyone’s skin mets, but worth asking your oncologist…
C xxx

Scan yesterday, results today! Didn’t expect them that quickly especially as onc on holiday until 17/8, but nurse practitioner on onc day unit gave me results whilst I was having taxol.
After 9 sessions everything reduced!!! Liver, lungs, thickening of lung wall!! Really pleased but down side was they found a small clot in lung so 6 months of daily anti coags, hubby looking forward to stabbing my stomach every day!!! Due to go to Sicily on 30/8 and as I will have had 4 weeks of injections by then can still go! So phone call now to euro tunnel to sort insurance!
Good luck to everyone else waiting for scan results, hope all news is good
Glo xx

Great results glo everything shrinking…go shopping for your hols! X

Not been on for a while as struggled to when website changed. Also been away in our new, old caravan! Seen oncology. I’m on Exemestane for lung daily and Denosumab for bone injection once mth into belly. I had issues with some points he made. E.g. He got the tumour size wrong. But after chatting to the nurse later, I don’t feel as panicked. Back in 3 mths for scans and review. He is hopeful I’ll live for a few yrs. Glad to read some positive stuff on this thread too.