Hi so I have a copy of my biopsy results so it states 

G3 IDC, ER 7, PR 4, HER2 + 1 

I have had my appointment with the surgeon and breast specialist nurse but not all the above numbers were explained to me I know its stage 2 grade 3 and hormone based. And she talked about radiotherapy and I asked about chemo and she just said at the moment it’s a yes to everything but didn’t say anymore on the chemo side. 

I am booked in to have left therapeutic mammoplasty and axillary clearance and right reduction mammoplasty. 

Can anyone give me any idea if this is actually likely to be chemo as well as radiotherapy. I’m just wanting to get my head in the right place so I know what to expect 

Thank you x

I would prepare for chemo. The reason is that you’re a grade 3 with medium levels of progesterone and high estrogen but not the highest. All that points to a probable higher oncotype score. I had a grade 3 tumor with high progesterone and estrogen but still needed chemo also. I had four sessions three weeks apart. I wasn’t great but it also wasn’t as bad as I feared. It was over before I knew it and the drugs to control side effects did wonders. Only got sick once and my appetite never faltered. Didn’t even struggle with nausea and could continue working throughout it although certainly working from home was a big reason why. I will say that if you come back with a higher than average oncotype score, grade 3 tumors are what you want. They tend to respond great to chemo so there’s a little bit of a silver lining there. 

So sorry you’re here but know most of us do okay and go back to normal lives once treatment is over. Breast cancer sucks no doubt but it is one of the most treatable cancers out there with great survival rates. Plenty of treatments with all stages of it and the treatments work well and continue to come out on a regular basis. 

Thank you for replying and the info its much appreciated