Just wanted to say a BIG BIG thank you to all of you who have helped me get through a very difficult week of my life.I really appreciate all your thoughts,words of support and kindness.

I think I’ve got good news too, but I’m still a bit confused and no one is really sure what it is.

I was seen by a doctor who examined my lumpy mass and thought it was most likely a cyst (my heart lifted)although it was much bumpier and grittier than a typical one. She then did an ultrasound on it to see if it looked like one on the screen. At this point when she saw this she changed her mind and said it did not present itself as a cyst at all( my heart sank), although she thought she could see some very small ones.She then called in the consultant who had another thorough prod and feel. He wasn’t sure what it was but didn’t think it could be cancer as it would show as a big black mass on the ultrasound and apparantly my lump wasn’t showing this. He then said for me to go away and let it settle and come back in 6 weeks for a fine needle aspiration to explore it further. At this point I protested and said I couldn’t bear to wait that long, so he did the fine needle aspiration thing saying really it was to put my mind at rest. I then waited around and for the results. Thankfully they came back and no cancerous cells were found-HURRAH! They still want me to go back in 6 weeks time to see what has happened.The consultant didn’t see me again and the doctor didn’t really have any ideas other than a vague’it might just be a thickening’. She also said the area may be a clump of cysts which is creating the bumpy effect.

So all in all good news I think. The only thing is that now the area is really painful, has swollen and is very tender to touch. It didn’t even hurt before!! So might end up back at the doc’s tomorrow after all.

Anybody any ideas???


Freddie xxxx

Hi Freddie, Thats brilliant news i am so pleased for you.
it can be a bit tender and swollen after a biopsy but if your still worried tomorrow give your Gp a ring to put your mind at rest. fantastic news go celebrate.
All the best
Lindiloo x

ahhhh so chuffed for you!! In fact just toasted you with a glass of vino - you must be sooooo relieved, try and forget about it for a bit now…take care, mary x

Hi Freddie - great news matey! The pain in your breast is normal after the biopsy and you can expect to resemble a Dulux colour chart once the bruising starts! It does settle down quite quickly, might be worth seeing the GP to get some painkillers to help you out.

Really chuffed for you…phew!

Daisy xxxxx

its great to read good news, so pleased for you! I’ve jusr removed my dressing from biopsy and yes Daisy I am like a dulux colour chart!

Hi all

Thanks for all your comments.

I’ve been forced to go to the doctor’s today as I’m in so much pain. My right breast where I had the fine needle aspiration, has now swollen to the size of a huge melon. It is very sore and hot to touch-OUCH! Am now on anti-biotics.

Hey ho- nothing is ever straightforward is it?

Also enrolled myself on the Race for life- might have to stroll it though!

Hope all you guys are well.

Freddie xxx

Great news that it’s not BC but a shame you are still in pain.
hope my news is as good.
Have a good glass of wine & chill xxx


Thinking of you all with results to come.

Good luck Twinmum