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Its me again - did anybody work when they were having their chemo - I was hoping to continue working but somebody said its best to stay at home because your immune system is low and you could easily be infected with colds etc which could be dangerous. Is this true.

Hugs - Yingy xxx

Hi yingy I didn’t work whilst having chemo or radio’ as I work in a childrens day nursery and the risk was too high to my immune system.
I did however still go out shopping and socialising [when i felt up to it]
I think it depends what kind of job you do and its also down to the individual…some people continue to work…some work but don’t go in for a few days after chemo…
Obviously you don’t know how your going to feel during chemo…you will definetley feel tired…hopefully you won’t suffer too many of the other side effects though.
Personally i’m glad i didn’t work…but thats just my opinion.

karen x

I agree with Karen Hi Yingy,

me again! I have to say I agree with karen about not working during chemo. I am in the RAF and haven’t worked since I was diagnosed back in March. Initially I was very keen to get back to work and once I recovered from my mastectomy had hoped that this would be the case. I started chemo last month and am having it for 5 1/2 months. I have been advised by the staff at the chemo day centre where I have my treatment NOT to work until at least the chemo is all over.

I actually raised the question last week when I went for my epi as I had a docs appt this morning at the RAF base where I work to discuss me being made ‘non-effective’. The staff at the unit basically said that the risk of infection was too great and I am much better off keeping myself as well and bug free as possible so I can get through chemo as quickly and painlessly as poss. They said that they totally understand that many people are not fortunate enough to have the choice, as many people absolutely have to work. I defo consider myself to be one of the lucky ones as I am not self employed or anything. The decision was made today that I will now be on long term sick leave until I finish the chemo and possibly til I finish the rads.

If you don’t absolutely have to work then I reckon not working is the way forward. I’m sure you want to keep yourself well enough through chemo to not have any delays due to low blood counts cause you’ve caught a cold off someone at work. I still see everyone from work, and they are even giving me something to do from home. I still get out and about when I feel well enough but I am relieved not to have the pressure of work to worry about.

Take care and let us know what you decide to do,


It rather depends on what you do and how strong your immune system is, and how you react to the chemo itself. I worked through FEC - taking the first 3/4 days off to cope with the worst effects. I did have an episode which landed me in hospital for a week, but I was told it was bugs within my system taking hold when the blood count dropped, rather than outside infection.

The team also emphasised that generally you do not catch colds except by touch, or VERY close contact. They advised keeping strict hygiene rules about washing and perhaps avoiding anyone who might cough or sneeze in my face. I did avoid anything with crowds. I think others on the site who work with children preferred not to work until they had finished chemo.

Otherwise, so long as I did not overdo things, it was ok. A supportive employer does help.

Hi Yingy,

I have not worked full time since my first op last July. I had a further 2 ops in September and October, started chemo in November and rads in late March finishing on 2nd May. I am expecting to go back to work initially on reduced hours in August.

Whilst on chemo I did go into work for a few hours in the few days before my next chemo, but there were a couple of times as my chemo went on when my reaction meant I didn’t get these couple of days. I did only get one cold, but it did hit me hard and I needed antiobiotics and steroids to get rid of a chest infection.

Everyone reacts differently and you need to listen to your body and take plenty of rest when it tells you to.

Take one day at a time and you will get through this journey.

Take care & best wishes


Hi Yingy Hi there

I worked all through my chemo, i would have it on the friday but have monday off and then by tuesday even though i didnt feel like leaving the settee it actually helped, as soon as i stepped outside i felt so much better so that sort of push does help otherwise if i wasnt working i could of spent the whole of the six months lying on the settee. I dont think you should wrap yourself in cotton wool worrying about germs and your immune system otherwise you might as well lock yourself in your bedroom. Why dont you try it for a month or two and see how it works out for you, if you cant manage then at least youve tried but you may find work a distraction from the cancer and also it may give you some motivation.

Good luck