Hi Everyone,

Denie - I am over the moon that all was ok with you. I thought about you all day.

I was diagnosed with BC. It is grade 1, which is good news. I have my operation on the 8th November. My brave daughter, Lizzie, she is 19 come to the hospital with me and she was brilliant.

Much love to all,
Dyzee xxx.

Hi Dyzee

I’m so so sorry to hear your news, I really am, I don’t quite know what to say except be strong and take care.

Debbi xx

Hi Debbi,

Thank you so much. I am a strong person normally and everyone was right, now I know I can get my head around it and fight the b*****d!

Dyzee. x

Hi Dyzee,
I have been thinking about you too!
I am so sorry that your news wasn’t so good, you have a good attitude, yeah you fight the b****d, stay postive!
I am so glad you have this site for support
All the very best Dyzee my turn to send you a big hug!
Take Care
Denise xx

Hi Denise,

Thanks for the hug. I am so so happy for you.
You are right, I know I will have lots of support here and hopefully I will
be able to provide support to others.

I will miss you though!

Take care hon - go celebrate!

I’ll miss you too