Had op Mon 9th and told would have to wait 2 weeks for results. Had ph call this morn saying surgeon wanted to see me tomorrow afternoon regarding results. On one hand I’m thinking great it must be straightforward and on the other why so quick!! Worried either way now!

Hi Sharon, my results were back in 10 days and it was straightforward.I don’t think you should read anything into it one way or another .Better not wait -get it over with -good luck !!!

Best wishes for tomorrow. It maybe that the results came in quickly and the surgeon had a slot available. X

So today is the day I get my results!! I am so scared!! Scared to hear what they found and scared to hear what tratments i will have. Boderline her2 at biopsy so this has now been re tested. My stomach is slrwsfu churning and my appointment isn’t until late this afternoon.

Should say my stomach is already churning!! Ps I am 14 days post lumpectomy and snb removal.

Good luck Alibobs.Horrible to have to wait all day for the appointment .

Oh ladies what a day!!! So the surgeon confirmed he got it out with clear margins!! Took two nodes both clear!! Still waiting for her 2 borderline results but he says he is 90 percent sure that will be negative.  So radiotherapy and latrozole! I am so relieved!!! Just need that phone call next week to confirm her2 neg!!! We all heaved a massive sigh of relief and shed a few tears too! ??

So pleased for you, Ali, at least you’re coming off the rollercoaster now!
ann x

Hi yes it’s been confirmed!!! No chemo!! So thankful !! Still no over the hump yet as have to have bone scan think it’s for letrozole. Have to go for meeting with onco and have rads arranged!! My family are ecstatic ? but I feel strangely numb!!! Bit achy and tired too. Think it must be reaction to everything. Hope you are all well xxx

Hello thank you Helena. I had an appointment yesterday to sign a consent for radiotherapy. Now waiting for planning appointment for rads. Started my meds. Anastrozole. Nervous for rads but feeling a little better in myself now. Hope you are all well xx

Sharong, if you’re reading this, what were your results?? Hope you’re well. As I do the rest of you here too