Hi Everyone,

Looking for some advice please. I found a lump on my right breast, above my nipple. Since I’ve found the lump I have also had some clear discharge, not lots but some. I was generally feeling unwell for a little while before but nothing that majorly concerned me. I went to the doctor who referred me to the breast clinic.

I had my appointment last Thurs. The doctor at first said he wasn’t concerned but would send me for an ultrasound and then to go home and await a letter. When I had my ultrasound they found some abnormal tissue changes that concerned them and confirmed it wasn’t a cyst. I was put straight back to the doctor who then agreed and decided to do a core biopsy straight away, they took around 6/7 tissue samples. I’ve been told it’s 10 days for my results and there is a meeting next Tues to discuss the diagnosis. They’ve set the expectation I’ll get a call on Tues after the meeting with either good or bad news. I’m not anxious on the results because I am one of those people that regardless of the results I know I can’t influence it and will face in to it, albeit I don’t like the wait…

I am assuming the team discussing the results will be a standard meeting for all tests and they meet at points throughout the week rather than for mine alone? Also, does anyone tend to know or from their experience, do they set an appointment to come back if they have concerns it is cancer rather than phone? Wondering if it is potentially positive that they haven’t done this in advance! They just said they will call me on the day.

Thanks in advance for any help


Hi Pam,
From what I’ve seen here, clinics can vary a bit in their arrangements, so it’s difficult to say. I was offered a follow up appointment for the following week after having a biopsy.
Yes, there is a regular clinical meeting where everyone is discussed, this seems to be usual practice, which I found quite reassuring.
It’s good to hear that you are so pragmatic in not getting anxious about it all, you’re quite right, thankfully whatever the lump is, they will get to the bottom of it & there’s nothing you can do to change the final outcome.
If on the off chance it is bc, then thankfully, it can be sorted out, but mostly it doesn’t come to that.
If you want to, let us know how you get on.
ann x