Hi it’s looking good all back on track for chemo , lymph nodes now all good , back on Monday to start inflating implant and waiting for booking in appointment , very up and down not sure what to expect and how long I’d have to wait , was told there was no choice as chemo is needed but I can still apparently talk to the oncologist and get a percentage?? Not too sure if I actually understand what she ment ! Was it a survival rate if I decide against chemo ? Does anyone stand more ,I know very little apart from needed mastectomy and sentinel lymph node was positive others clear xx

Hi Trixilady,

The percentage score is what they use to see what benefit various treatments will be for you. They put the results of the surgery into a computer programme and it works out which treatments will be best for you. My Surgeon actually went through the figures with me as did the oncologist. This is supposed to help you make a decision about whether you want to go through with the various treatments or not! Hope this helps.

Thanks Harkes, it’s just the waiting for the postman then , it doesn’t always help when I start to Google haha XX Surgeon did say within 2weeks