I have had my ct scan & biopsy results today. Scan has come back clear, no spreading, one less thing to worry about. But it is in my lymph glands, they’ve said they’ll be removing them. I am back in a week or so for mri results and apparently will be getting an appointment to see an oncologist shortly.

Moving forward

Murphysmum, that’s excellent news that your scan is clear.  You must be feeling very relieved.  I hope your treatment goes well.  I had all of my lymph nodes removed on one side and I’m doing fine. No sign of lymphodema ?.  Have you checked out the “Going through treatment” threads on this forum where you can find others going through the same?

best wishes. X

Congratulations on your excellent news. I’m thrilled for you. I had all my lymph glands removed, and to be honest it was more of a hassle than my lumpectomy. Better to be safe, though. 

As Mai suggests, I think if you link into one of the treatment threads you will find others like yourself and get a bit of support along the way. Good luck. ?