Resurfacing DIEP?

I am wondering if anyone has had, or has any information regarding a resurfacing DIEP?


I’ve had a complicated history, with breast cancer twice. In 2012 I had bilateral mastectomies but 3 months post op, an infection meant the reconstruction on one side failed and I had the implant and skin removed due to infection. Scarring and rads meant there were issues with healing and I’m left with tight, thin skin over the rib cage which can be sore.


I’ve been advised that I only have one option open to me to try as a ‘salvage’ - this is a diep. The surgeon explained there is not enough tissue to create a new breast but he could do a resurfacing diep. I’d never heard of this procedure, but the fact that he could show me some photos suggests that other women have had this kind of procedure.


I’d be very interested to hear any experiences.


Thanks so much.

I shall watch this post, as have had similar time.Take care

I’m bumping my post to see if anyone knows anything about resurfacing procedures?


That song which goes “One is the loneliest number…” keeps coming into my head.??:smileysad: