Hi all 

Hope everyone is taking good care of themselves, as best you can, mentally and physically.

I have SBC in my spine, originally diagnosed in 2018, then re diagnosed in 2020 with Stage 4.

My question is I am a nurse working in the NHS, I have recently been thinking about early retirement due to my diagnosis, I have recently just been getting on with work but recently my mental health has plummeted as I feel I’m wasting time when I should be spending my time with my family. Also I have fatigue, aching joints and generally just can’t be bothered as I really want to be at home. Has anyone retired for the NHS and been able to take their pension early, any information would be grateful received. 

Look after yourselves and be kind to yourself, take one day at a time

Hi Gemini111

I was diagnosed with SBC in June 21, like yourself……fatigue and emotions I retired from a job I loved in Jan 22. I was able to access my pensions (I am 52), I also had life insurance which paid up and ask your breast care nurse about PIP (Personal Independence Payment) mine mentioned to me last week and anyone with stage 4 is intitled to this, it’s around £160 per week whether you have savings or not. my breast care nurse is applying for it for me and I will get a call from PIP asking for bank details etc. It is also back dated from when the form is completed by your nurse. Worth asking.

Aside from this I hope you are ok and family is the most important thing that’s another reason for retiring.

Take care.

Lou x

I retired last June after 20 years as at 40 when diagnosed with ca breast , with sugar read to lungs , liver , bones and lymph’s , work became unimportant for the first time ever , I got my pension paid as if I’d worked till 65 from when I started and bonus so was good amount , I then went back 4 hours once weekly to keep under threshold for esa £520 approx /month and with pip and wages ,& esa now I earn what I did spending time with my kids , hope this helps x