Returned to work too early?

I had a wide local excision and SNB on 8th September. I came back to work 2 weeks later. Today is my third day back. I am finding that I am incredibly tired and constantly yawning. When I get back home I just want to collapse on the sofa. I am going to bed at a reasonable time and sleeping pretty well so I am getting about 7 hours a night.

I was just wondering if this is normal after surgery or is just because I had 2 weeks off. Has anyone else struggled on returning to work or taken more time off? I am not sure if I should be off longer, work part time or this is just how it is. 

I don’t think I could have gone to work after only two weeks. I know that the hospital only gave me a “note” for two weeks, but my GP was happy to make it about 8 weeks total. It takes a week or so to get over the general anaesthetic never mind healing from the surgery.

I would either go to your GP to ask for another sick note or talk to someone in HR. They are supposed to make reasonable accommodations for you. I guess it depends on your work situation. Could you work from home some of the time for example, or do a shorter day for a little while. I did half days at first.

First time I had BC I had a WLE … I had 4 months off work. I get full pay so this could obviously be a factor for others going back earlier which I completely understand…I couldn’t have gone back after 2 weeks…but some people say they have gone back after a week and been ok…if you are having fatigue…could you take more time off?

I was very thrown by the fact that the hospital only issues a two week sick note post operation and took that to mean I’d be fit for work. However a conversation with a very sympathetic and empathetic line manager persuaded me that I wasn’t fit for work mentally. Whilst everyone is different, I would say 6 weeks is more appropriate (it was certainly 6 weeks until I felt completely physically healed). 
Are you going to have further treatment? I’m going through my RT and my lovely oncologist gave me a good talking to (her husband does the same job as me) and told me not to consider returning until I was crawling the walls, to allow 6 weeks post RT treatment and maybe more to allow for adjusting to the hormone therapy.
A conversation with your HR department to explain your sick pay entitlement would be a good idea. I’m now on SSP however I accept that financially for us this isn’t an issue which isn’t the case for everyone. If I’m honest work have known what is best for me more than I have. 
For me unfortunately the advice from my BCN regarding work has not been helpful and it was only after I finally had a conversation with someone who had been on this journey (as well as the oncologist) that I was able to reconcile the “need” in my head to work versus the need to heal and deal with this journey 

lots of love xx