Returning Hair

Returning Hair

Returning Hair Hi,

Im hoping for some advise …
I have now completed chemo, surgery & radiotherapy ( thank god !!) and thankfully my hair has now started to re-grow.

My head is now completely covered, just waiting for some length !!!
Im not quite confident enough to go to my hairdressers yet so I was wondering what shampoo/conditioners etc is best … Ive been using baby shampoo.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thanks xxx

Congratulations Congratulations on your new hair!!

Its so exciting when it starts to grow back. I still get excited when my hair blows slightly in the wind LOL.

I used baby shampoo when it first started to come through but as it grew a little I found that it seemed to feel dry so then started to use a conditioner. I just used the same one I had used before the chemo and hair loss.

As it got a little longer I found that it was a bit frizzy looking on the very tips and slightly lighter than the rest and I started calling it my chemofried hair. It didnt look bad or anything it was rather cute really. So basically I just made sure I conditioned it at every wash but other than that I found it to be very tough and to treat it just the same as before. The frizzy bit was all gone after my first cut.

Oh and also as a bonus I got thicker longer eyelashes than I had before chemo which is great as mine where quite thin and short before, yeyyyyyyy!!

Enjoy your new hair and any bonus that may come along hehe


Neenie xx

hair crazychick,

i used johnsons baby shampoo and johnsons baby conditioner,
i used them both untill my hair got about 3inches long.
The pink johnsons conditioner made my hair feel very soft.

i’ve got 12months growth now , and i had my 1st haircut in december.
so now use tresamee   shampoo and conditioner like i used to before on my old hair LOL

kim x