Returning to the site after a long time

Hi all

I have been a member for a long time but only been reading threads.

Back history- my Mum had breast cancer aged 45 it was found in her lymph nodes. Had them removed and radiotherapy done and tamoxifen and she’s been cancer free for years now :slight_smile:

Her sister also had breast cancer, my aunty had a double mastectomy and chemo and a reconstruction. She is also cancer free. Her other sister had ovarian cancer and is also cancer free.

I have previously had lumps checked out and they were just fatty tissue.

I’ve found another lump, got it checked at the Drs last Thursday and he said its about 1cm. Its just above my nipple and sore to touch. The skin has a slightly rippled look to it. He referred me to the hospital and my appointment is on the 6th may. I’m really worried. I’ve not been well recently, really run down and have in pain with my kidneys. Had a blood test done today and get my results on Friday. 


Hi Lizzie1,


sorry you’re feeling so worried. Great that you’re getting it checked out though. I’m newly diagnosed and have been worried too. Worried that all the tiredness I’ve been feeling for ages is down to the cancer but I phoned the helpline on here and was reassured that the tiredness was probably coincidental. I don’t know about you but all the worry makes me tired! Talking to the lady on the helpline really did help though. I’ve been trying to keep busy too. Not busy on my own but when I’m with other people I’m less likely to focus on it all. Can you organise to meet up with some friends? 


I hope your results are good. I’ll be thinking of you :slight_smile:

Ive had good news. I’ve not got cancer but I do have quite a few cysts. I’ve got to keep an eye on these to make sure they don’t get any bigger/harder.

I am getting referred to the geneticist though as our family history of breast cancer is high.

Thank you for all your support and kind words. I hope all those with cancer make full recoveries x