Returning to work

Hi, I had breast conserving surgery 4weeks this Thursday I’m a depot Manager for a kitchen company I’m waiting to see the oncoligist soon I feel guilty that I’m off work but I know emotionally I’m not ready to return to work
yet, as anyone else felt the same?

Michelle x

Hi Michelle
If that is your real name I suggest you give yourself a nom de plume as these forums can be viewed by the public at large, or just drop the last name.
I’m not surprised you are not ready to go back to work yet, you certainly are not alone in that. If you look on the left hand side of the page and scroll down to the heading “Living With Breast Cancer” you will see under it there is a specific thread called “Employment, Travel and Financial Issues”. You should find some help there.
All the best Diana

Michelle, if you still haven’t seen your oncologist since your surgery then you could well have more treatments ahead of you.I felt exactly the same as you do! I wanted to go back to work 2 weeks after my WLE surgery, which was on 22 Feb, but was advised against it as I still had seroma. By the time that had gone, I had met with the oncologist and was due to start radiotherapy. So take your time, ask your oncologist about returning to work, but allow yourself time to get over the emotional trauma first. If you go back too soon, you’ll only be off again.

You’ll know when you are ready. I did. My phased return to school starts 11th June!

Take care. Be gentle with yourself!